World War I Books for Kids

Learn more about the historical events of first World War with these fiction and non-fiction World War I books for kids.

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World War I Books: Non-Fiction

Women Heroes of World War I: 16 Remarkable Resisters, Soldiers, Spies, and Medics (Women of Action)Eyewitness World War I: Witness the Horror and Heroism of the Great War―from the Assassination of an Arc (DK Eyewitness)The War to End All Wars: World War I


Women Heroes of World War I by Kathryn Atwood

Meet 16 fascinating women who put their mark on history by assisting their countries through espionage, nursing, true journalism, and commandment of an all-women’s combat unit. 

DK Eyewitnesses: World War I, the Great War by Simon Adams

An insider’s look into the weapons, the casualties, and the battles of the world’s first great war. 

The War to End All Wars: World War I by Russell Freedman

WWI was a time when nations formed alliances, politics ruled the day, and men from around the world took up arms against each other. Russell Freedman’s guide to the “great war” brings to life the testy political climate that led to the start of the war,  the new technology introduced in the form of weapons that could devastate, and the way that the end of the first war paved the way clear for the second. 

TruceSee Inside The First World War50 Things You Should Know About The First World War


Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting by Jim Murphy

Despite being commanded to do otherwise, troops fighting on both sides of WWI ceased their fighting on Christmas Day, 1914. For one miraculous day, the enemies came together in a celebration of brotherhood that superseded the lines drawn by a divided world.

See the Inside of the First World War by Rob Lloyd Jones

Written in an easy-to-read format, this book is a wonderful introduction to WWI for younger readers. With plenty of illustrations and factoids, stories about battles, and the kind of machinery and equipment used in war, this quick read is sure to whet even your reluctant reader’s appetite for more. 

50 Things You Should Know About the First World War by Jim Eldridge

Learn about the events that led to the first World War, what led the USA to join the Allies and officially declare war against the Axis powers, and the eventual end of the war. This guide is packed with well-researched facts, pictures, and plenty of anecdotes about heroes fighting at home and abroad during the war to end all wars.  

World War 1 Unclassified by Nick Hunter

This look into WWI supplies readers with the context in which the war was fought, as well as the events that took place in the perhaps more unfamiliar areas touched by WWI such as the Middle East and the ocean. 

The Story of the First World War by Paul Dowswell

This non-fiction account helps readers understand the events that led up to World War I and also what life was like for the soldiers who were risking their lives to uphold their belief in freedom.

World War I Books: Fiction

War Game: Village Green to No-Man’s-Land by Michael Foreman

Based on the true story of the day the Allies and the Axis put down their arms and celebrated Christmas together, This picture book follows a simple football game between two groups of men who were also competing for their lives. 

Dog Diaries: Stubby by Kate Klimo

After being adopted by soldier John Conroy, Stubby makes the journey with his owner to France and begins to fight battles right alongside Conroy and the rest of the division. He has many narrow escapes and harrowing adventures, but when the war comes to an end, Stubby becomes the first dog in America to be awarded rank. 

By Michael Morpurgo - War Horse (Reprint) (2010-09-16) [Paperback]Soldier DogSecrets on 26th Street (American Girl History Mysteries)


War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Much to Albert’s horror, his beloved horse Joey is sold to the army, who plans to use Joey to assist in the fighting. Albert begins to make every effort to see his loyal friend make it safely back home. 

Soldier Dog by Sam Angus

Stanley gains a best friend in his dog after assisting the war effort by training canine messengers. When he finds himself on the front, Stanley begins to ponder the rocky relationship he has with his father and wonders if it can ever be repaired or if his faithful canine companion will be the only family he will have at the end of the war. 

Secrets on 26th Street by Elizabeth McDavid Jones (American Girl History Mysteries)

Susan’s family has always struggled financially, so when the opportunity to take in a boarder comes, Susan’s mother accepts, hoping the situation will help with her rental payments. But when her mother goes missing, Susan suspects the stranger and begins to mistrust her. As she searches for answers, Susan starts to wonder if her mother could be involved in the growing suffrage movement. 

The Night Flyers by Elizabeth McDavid Jones (American Girl History Mysteries)

Farm girl Pam loves raising homing pigeons, but when the birds start disappearing, Pam begins to look suspiciously at the new stranger in town who many believe to be a German spy. 

When Christmas Comes Again by Beth Seidel Levine

Another installment in the much-beloved Dear America series. Simone finds herself passionate about being part of the war effort when her brother is sent off to fight. She becomes a “Hello Girl” operating switchboards for the army, determined to do her part to end the war and bring her brother home safely. 

Archie’s War by Marcia Williams

Archie is a young boy growing up in the time of World War I, when lines are being drawn and weapons are being taken up all around the globe. Experience the war through the eyes of Archie as he glues keepsakes and mementos into his scrapbook. 

Lord of the Nutcracker MenPrivate Peaceful (After Words)After the Dancing Days


Lord of the Nutcracker Men by Iain Lawrence

Johnny watches as his father and many others that he knows are sent off to fight in WWI. He is proud of his brave father, and often acts out battle scenes with the toy soldiers his father made him before his departure. Soon, Johnny begins to worry that his play-acting is influencing the real war outside his cozy home. 

After the Dancing Days by Margaret Roskowski

As WWI is ending, the task of caring for those with wounded bodies and hearts has just begun. Young Annie meets and befriends two soldiers in her father’s hospital. As she asks questions to satisfy her curiosity, she learns their stories and realizes that although the battles may have ended, the effects of the war will be far-reaching. 

Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo

English lad Thomas Peaceful isn’t old enough to enlist, so lies about his age and joins the war effort. While on duty one dark night, Thomas can’t help but compare his current state of affairs to the loving family and simple farm life he left behind. 

Remembrance by Theresa Breslin

One languid afternoon in 1915 Scotland, a group of teenagers gathers together to picnic. Soon, their idyllic peace is shattered by the realities of war that seem to be further encroaching as each day passes. 

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  • Nice collection of works. There is one big mistake though in the description of Truce, about the Christmas Truce, which took place in 1914, not 1924.