Adding Physical Education/Movement to Every Subject

We all know that kids today don’t move as much as they should, especially during the school day.  Adding in more physical activity can help children remember more of what they learn and can dramatically improve academic performance.

Picture Books About Friendship



Take a movement brain break on a site like Go Noodle Have students do a gallery walk around the classroom to use visual aids during a lesson Ask review questions and have students choose their answer by going to different corners of the room


History/Social Studies

Have students get out of their desks and act out scenes from history



Take a nature walk outside

Language Arts

Put the letters of the alphabet on cards and place on the floor around the room. Have students hop on the letters in the correct order. Place cards with nouns and verbs written on them around the room. Give students (clean) fly swatters.


Do exercises (jumping jacks, twists, pushups, etc.) while counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s Walk around the room or school to find things to measure Fact Family relay races


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