Free Mammals Lapbook + Resources About Mammals

Learn about mammals with this free mammal lapbook and with these mammal resources.

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Free Mammal Lapbook

This lapbook is a wonderful resource to help students become experts on the subject of mammals! This fun, engaging, hands-on project is a great way to introduce or wrap up a unit study on animals, mammals, animal classifications, and more!

Students will read about, research, and then write about each of the five characteristics of mammals–vertebrates, have hair or fur, have live births, breathe air, and are warm-blooded.


Mammals Lapbook Contents:

– What is a Marsupial? – Examples of marsupials – Vocabulary (extinct, vertebrate, warm-blooded, carnivore, climate) – Explanation of the characteristics of mammals – Where do mammals live? – Describe the physical features of mammals – Describe the typical behavior of mammals – Name the five characteristics of mammals – Examples of mammals

Mammal Resources

Is a Camel a Mammal? by Tish Rabe Dick and Sally join the Cat in the Hat on an adventure of observing and learning about all the different kinds of mammals found on earth.

National Geographic Book of Mammals by National Geographic Society

This book is your one-stop shop for all things mammals. Although it’s quite lengthy, it can easily be enjoyed in 5-minute doses. Each page is chock-full of photographs that leap off the page and enough fun facts to make any kid an expert on the animal of his/her choice. 


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