Integrating Music Across Subject Areas

Music is not just for music class! In fact, several studies have shown that when we work to integrate music across all subject areas, our brains are more engaged and more easily able to remember content.

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Music can be such a powerful tool in the classroom, so here are some easy ways to incorporate more music into your day–no matter what subject you’re teaching!



use music as a signal to transition between center rotations use music as a timer (think ‘Jeopardy’ theme song) brain breaks (especially Go Noodle)

History/Social Studies

Use videos of battle marches to teach about the American Revolution or the Civil War Teach about the Great Depression using Woody Guthrie songs Play ragtime tunes to introduce students to the changing times at the turn of the last century


play a song and have students draw what they feel the song communicates discuss how different pieces of music make you ‘feel’ different colors, textures, or temperatures create “joined art” (make a painting or sculpture and pair it with a piece of music)



Use music to make the environment calm for writing time encourage students to interpret poetry through freestyle dance teach the parts of a story (exposition, rising action, climax, resolution) using music like Peter and the Wolf

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