Books Set in Korea for Kids

Learn more about North Korea and South Korea with these books about Korea for kids. Add these to a study of Asia.

Picture Books About Friendship

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park

In this Newbery novel set in 12th-century Korea, young Tree-ear wants nothing more than to become a potter. But when his mentor, Min, shows his true colors to be abusive and cruel, Tree-ear knows he must strike out on his own.

Brother’s Keeper  by Julie Lee

As they endure bitter cold, near starvation, and the threat of the approaching army, the siblings must cling together to survive.

The Long Season of Rain by Helen Kim

The arrival of an orphan boy. Soon, the boy has made himself at home in Junehee’s house and she starts to realize that her family might be holding on to more secrets than she can guess.

When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller

He claims Halmoni has taken something from him, and if Lily promises to return it, Halmoni will regain her health. Lily wants to take the deal, but soon learns that magical tigers can be anything but trustworthy.

In Real Life  by Lawrence Tabak

When Seth discovers an equation that will surely boost his Starfare scores, it’s off to Korea in a snap! There he learns about friendship, love, and who he is becoming. 

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