Books About the Legendary King Arthur

Arthur was born the son of a king.  When the king passed away, he stuck his sword deep in a stone and vowed that the next king to take his throne would be the one who was able to pull out the weapon from the rock.

The Knight Who Took All Day  by James Mayhew

An imperious knight wants to impress a beautiful woman and win her hand. When he sees a fierce dragon on the horizon, he knows he has come upon the perfect opportunity!

Knight Night  by Owen Davey

Watch a knight and the castle he guards prepare for nighttime as the sun sets. To reach his bedroom, he must traverse through dark forests, to brush his teeth he must contend with chomping crocodiles. Good thing it’s all in a knight’s work for this knight! Daytime scenes grow gradually darker as bedtime approaches for everyone at the castle.

Merlin and the Dragons by Jane Yolen

Each night when he lays his head on his pillow, young Arthur’s dreams are riddled with nightmares. What if he’s not the rightful heir to the throne? Luckily, when the doubts begin to take over, the wizard Merlin is there to save the day with a story. He tells Arthur a tale of two dragons, of the battle between good and evil, and helps Arthur understand something about himself in a brand new way. 

The Kitchen Knight  by Margaret Hodges

In the days of King Arthur, a nondescript man stumbled into the castle, begging to be allowed to stay. Arthur concedes, provided the man works for his bread and water by serving in the kitchen. After proving his worth, Gareth becomes Sir Gareth in a knighting ceremony led by Lancelot. Now part of the Round Table, Sir Gareth enters into the fray of battle and rescue.

The Princess Knight  by Cornelia Funke

The king makes an announcement to the waiting crowd: the winner of the jousting tournament will be gifted the hand of his daughter in marriage. Princess Violet isn’t happy that this is being done without her permission, so she decides to fight on her own behalf, much to everyone’s surprise.

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