Math can be one of the most frustrating subjects to teach! However, math is used everywhere in our lives.

Math may always cause some frustration, but math doesn’t have to be boring.

I hope these TED talks will inspire them to enjoy math a little bit more, or at least make it tolerable.

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In Math Class Needs a Makeover, Dan Meyer alks about everything the math curriculum is missing, or doing wrong and why this will keep the students largely disinterested.

We all see the questions that ask us to ‘find x’. Why ‘X’ and not any other alphabet? Terry Moore seems to know the answer to this and in this quirky and educational video, he explains in a simple way why we use ‘x’ as a common unknown factor. Kids will love this talk and the jokes thrown into play by Terry.

These videos will hopefully inspire your kids to enjoy math just a bit more, or at the very least give them a few laughs at math's expenses.