25+ Easy Budget Friendly Meals for One 

From a single person

Moving out from my family of 7, one of the biggest adjustments was cooking!

I see a lot of lists for “meals for one” and “meals for college students.” Many of these lists require things that are hard to get/unrealistic or ingredients that only work for a handful of meals.

My criteria: – Few ingredients/ingredients you can use for multiple recipes – No special appliances other than stove, microwave, oven (some may use a blender) – Simple (I’m a bad cook) – Quick

1. Chicken Alfredo Pasta 2. Chicken Fried Rice 3. Shredded Chicken Parmesean Sandwich

4. Sweet Potato Skillet 5. Grilled Cheese 6. Veggie and Sausage Sheet Pan Meal

7. 5 Ingredient Crescent Roll Casserole 8. Sesame Garlic Ramen Noodles 9. Ground Beef Tacos

I have used these throughout college and still use these as a single person! All of these recipes have ingredients you probably already have, or that work well for multiple meals.