Valiant Movie Study Guide

Looking for a way to make learning about WWII fun for kids? The movie Valiant is a fun way to introduce them to what it is and the way that pigeons helped the Allies win the war.


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Valiant is an animated film that shows how pigeons were used during WWII to deliver messages for the Allies. As I watched it, I thought this film serves as a great springboard to the story of these courageous animals!

This pack includes six pages of activities that will help upper elementary and middle school students learn about World War II, pigeons, and the story!

This packet comes with 13 pages of activities and discussion, plus an answer key.


  • Pre-Viewing Questions
  • Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Valiant Viewing Questions
  • Traits of Valiant


  • Brave Animals in Wartime (extra resources for WWI/WWII animal heroes)
  • Pigeons Paragraph + Questions
  • France (comprehension + activity sheet)
  • The Real Heroes of WWII


  • I Am Valiant activity
  • Create a Cover
  • Word Search

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