Utah National Park Reflective Journal

Utah’s National Parks are among some of the most popular sites visited in the United States each year, seeing upwards of 10.5 million people annually. Arches, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Canyonlands National Parks are known as Utah’s “Big 5”, and are highly popular tourist destinations.

Craggy cliffsides, deep canyons, natural arches, beautiful red rocks, and more promise to regale the eyes and thrill the senses as soon as you arrive at one of these five national park sites. If you and your family are going to be taking a trip to Utah this summer or fall, this reflective journal would be a great take-along to enhance the experience for your family and keep things educational and fun! This journal includes a section for kids to catalog their favorite memories from each place, as well as a page to collect facts about the park.

It will be fun for kids to compare flora and fauna from place to place and write down the similarities and differences they see at each national park, as well as keep track of all the amazing landmarks they get to view and hiking trails they have the opportunity to hit! For kids that love taking photos or getting a little competitive with each other, the Utah photo challenge sheet will provide hours of fun and engagement, especially during the potentially long car journeys from park to park.

If you have a child that enjoys keeping organized and wants to be part of the packing and preparation for the trip, the “packing list essentials” sheet found in this packet is also a fun addition. You wouldn’t want to forget anything on your trip of a lifetime! 

Utah National Park Reflective Journal

Utah is home to five different National Parks.

This packet includes two journaling pages per park.

  • Arches
  • Canyonlands
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Zion
  • Capitol Reef

Grab the Utah National Parks journal here!

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