How to Use Unit Studies in Your Homeschool

Children are unique, so it is only natural that each of them learn in different ways. Some children thrive when following a textbook and lesson plan approach, while others need freedom to discover and learn about the world as it interests them.
Unit studies are a great resource to use to teach children. They provide enough structure to keep learning on track and freedom to pick and choose topics that children are interested in while covering several subjects at the same time!
Unit studies inspire children to love learning and used properly can provide a more balanced education than textbooks.

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4 Steps to Getting Started with Unit Studies

Getting started with unit studies can seem overwhelming at first. You may wonder how children can possibly gain a balanced education while learning about one specific topic. The beauty of using unit studies to teach is that while children learn about topics such as; horses, sharks, the Olympics or space, they’ll be using math skills, practicing their writing, learning about history, geography and much more!

Research different unit study publishers

Not all unit studies are created equal, so taking time to research the design, information and schedule that different unit studies cover is important. The unit studies that you find enjoyable may not be from the publisher that you discovered first.
Techie Homeschool Mom’s Ancient Greece Online Unit Study is a great resource for children that enjoy or thrive with digital based learning.
If you are interested in taking a virtual trip down under, they might enjoy Amanda Bennett’s 5 Day Download N Go Australia Study.
Learning about Queen Victoria over the course of 4 weeks with Homeschool Legacy’s Once-a-Week Micro Study might be exciting to you if you love history.
Hands-on learners that enjoy lapbooking may find In the Hands of a Child’s Horses Curriculum fun!

Choose unit studies that interest you

The best way to incorporate a new homeschooling resource is to choose the curriculum that cover topics or subjects that interest you.
Using unit studies to teach provides fun and engaging ways to teach children subjects that they might otherwise struggle with learning. Science is more fun when you’re learning about jellyfish or the ocean. Geography becomes interesting as you discover the culture of Africa.
Excitement is found while planning a historical Medieval Banquet that includes jousting, archery, feasts and more!

Prepare for your unit studies

Once you’ve selected the unit studies that you are going to use to teach, take time to either print or download the unit study to review as you prepare for your lessons.
Some unit studies require less planning than others, but it is important that you know what you’re going to be teaching and what supplies children will need to complete the unit study. So, be sure that you take time to prepare for your unit studies before sitting down to teach.

Have fun

Unit studies are one of the most fun ways to teach children. They typically provide online learning resources, hands-on activities, read aloud time, independent writing assignments and more, all in one educational resource.
Everyone will enjoy traveling to new places, learning about the history of the world and discovering the beauty of the animal kingdom and more through the use of unit studies!
Whether you’re looking to utilize unit studies as your sole homeschooling resource or just need a change of pace for the upcoming summer days, teaching using unit studies is an adventure that your whole family can enjoy!

What are your favorite unit study publishers?

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