US States Printable Trivia Game: Play Based Geography And History

Learn US Geography with this US States printable game you can complete at home or in the classroom.

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US States Printable Trivia Game

This US States Printable Trivia Game is a wonderful way to help students get excited about learning about the fifty United States of America!

How To Use This Printable US Geography Activity

Print this game on colored paper or color it yourself and cut out the cards before playing the game.

To play the game, players will move along the board, following the directions of the tile they land on. Some tiles will be National Parks that players will ‘visit’, others will depict a map and show them a place to move to next!

As they move along the board, players will ask and answer multiple choice questions about the fifty states and their famous landmarks and historical sites. Answering correctly will help players move forward on the board.

The more knowledge you have about the fifty United States, the better off you will be in this trivia game! 

More Resources For Studying US Geography

Done with the game and still looking to extend your learning even further? Grab this FREE US States Lapbook here. 

Grab the U.S. States Trivia Game here!

There are over 100 cards included. I printed the different subjects on different colored Astrobrights paper.

Grab the U.S. States Trivia Game here!

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