US States Lapbook | Free State Report Lapbook

Help students get excited about social studies with this FREE US State Report Lapbook.

If you are looking for a fun, interactive way to get your student excited about doing their state report, this free lapbook is just the thing! Elementary-aged students will have a great time learning about a state of their choice and then coloring, cutting, and assembling their state report lapbook. This free lapbook also provides a simple report format, helping students organize their thoughts in order to present their expertise in front of a group of people and practice those vital public presentation skills.  

In this lapbook, students will have the opportunity to research and learn about the state flower, bird, nickname, insect, tree, and more. Kids will also research the major cities found in the state and their populations. A map of the United States is included so that students can locate the state of their choice within the broader scale of the whole country and determine its region. In this way, they will also learn about bordering states and can view the distance between their home state and the one being researched.

Students will love discovering the famous citizens from their state of choice as well as finding the wackiest fun facts possible to add to the lapbook. The history section of the inner section’s flipbook is meant to help students gain an understanding of how and when their state entered the Union. Children will discover that some states haven’t been part of the US for very long!

Activities Included:

  • famous people
  • famous landmarks
  • stuff to see and do
  • history of the state
  • region of the country where the state is
  • climate of the state
  • major cities 
  • interesting facts
  • state bird, tree, flower, insect
  • state capital
  • state flag
  • state nickname
  • state population

Grab the free lapbook here!

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