Types of Nouns Winter Freebie | Winter Elementary Language Arts

Sort singular and plural nouns and common and proper nouns with this winter/Christmas themed freebie.

Types of Nouns Winter Freebie

Nouns are one of the first parts of speech that students often learn. Not all nouns are the same, and there are several different types of nouns. Sort different types of nouns with this freebie.

This freebie goes over four different common types of nouns:

  • singular nouns
  • plural nouns
  • common nouns
  • proper nouns

Singular nouns are nouns that are only one thing, such as dog, bell, light, or tree.

Plural nouns are nouns that are more than one thing, like bells, carolers, or dogs.

Common nouns are nouns that are generic, lowercase nouns, such as soda, month, city, animal, or girl.

Proper nouns are specific nouns. These are capitalized. Examples of these are Coca-Cola, December, Los Angeles, or Santa Claus.

With this freebie, there are two pages included. The first page has singular and plural nouns. The second had common and proper nouns. There is a word bank given. Have students sort the words: each type of nouns has 5 options.

You can cut out the figures to create flaps and write the answers underneath each flap, or leave them on the page as-is. and write the answers on.

Grab the Types of Nouns freebie here!

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