The Truman Show Movie Study Guide

Filled with lessons on reality TV and a fictional perfect world, here is a The Truman Show movie study guide.

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The Truman Show Movie Study Guide

The Truman Show is a satirical science fiction film about a man whose entire world is a TV show. Truman doesn’t know it, but his entire life – his wife, his best friend, his job – is all part of a staged set in his created world of Seahaven. The show is broadcast 24/7 around the globe, with fans addicted to the show and the “innocence” of Truman.
Despite his life being pre-destined, Truman finds many small ways to “rebel” against his world and escape the world he lives in.

It’s an interesting look at modern society’s addiction and love of reality TV shows! The activities below are designed for discussion, self-reflection, and analysis of the film and its messages and morals.

The following Truman Show activities are included:

  • Discussion Questions
  • Quiz
  • Truman’s World
  • Themes
  • Questioning Reality
  • The Real World vs Seahaven (compare and contrast)
  • Reality TV Shows Today
  • And more!

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