The Prince of Egypt Study Guide

Learn about Passover and the Exodus through the movie The Prince of Egypt, with this unit study and discussion questions!



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The Prince of Egypt Study Guide

The Prince of Egypt is probably one of my favorite movies. Their $70 million budget wasn’t wasted – from the stunning animation to the haunting soundtrack, the movie was an instant classic.

Although not 100% biblically accurate, the film can serve as a sharp springboard for discussion about Moses, the Exodus, and the Passover.

The movie begins in the burning sands of Egypt, with the slaves singing a mourning song of deliverance and redemption. Moses’ mother places him in a basket, praying for his safety. By God’s grace, Moses is found and taken in as Pharaoh’s son. We get to see a glimpse of Moses’ life in Pharaoh’s house, before he runs away after accidentally murdering an Egyptian for beating a Hebrew slave. Years later, after much conviction from God through the Burning Bush, Moses returns to Egypt.

Through Moses, God inflicts the ten plagues across Egypt, with Pharaoh finally persuaded to let the Israelites leave.

The film is rated PG, since it deals with heavy themes like slavery and the death of the firstborn. This study is aimed primarily at fourth grade through about sixth grade and has six pages.

  • The Prince of Egypt discussion questions
  • Exodus discussion questions
  • What happens next?
  • The Prince of Egypt: Bible vs the Movie
  • Passover Today
  • Applying The Prince of Egypt to your everyday life

Along with the movie, we have and love the book Through Heaven’s Eyes, which tells the story of Moses through the song lyrics in the movie. Additionally, the illustrations are gorgeous!

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