The Best Middle School Math Tips

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The Best Middle School Math Tips

Middle school math is one of the turning points in education where things get more complicated. Algebra brings more complex equations and for me personally, it became the first time I had to learn how to write equations out instead of simply solving them in my head – which was a weird adjustment.

Math doesn’t have to be scary and has so many useful purposes in life. Here are a few of my favorite math tips for finding success throughout middle school math.

1. Have a good relationship with your teacher

Your teacher – who is giving you your grade at the end of the semester – can be a major resource if you’re struggling throughout math class. Having a good relationship with your teacher shows you are putting in the effort and trying.

2. Learn how to use a graphing calculator

Graphing calculator skills come in handy – especially when it’s time for the SATs or ACTs. Casio’s affordable FX-9750GIII Graphing Calculator is the perfect option since it is user-friendly and has over 200 hours of battery life.

The FX-9750GIII Graphing Calculator also has a natural textbook display, which makes it intuitive, student-friendly, and easier to read than alternatives.

3. Take advantage of cheat sheets

Pull out my free math cheat sheet when you need to quickly find a formula. I originally created these for myself in middle school, which helped me memorize formulas.

4. Use Wolfram Alpha to find solutions, not just answers

While some apps just give you answers to problems, Wolfram Alpha offers both answers and solutions. Throughout high school, it really helped me out when I couldn’t understand an answer.

When it comes to math, aim for understanding, not just “getting” the answer. (on the flip side, I don’t believe that understanding the answer requires you to write everything out – but it can help!) 

5. Use the tools available to you

For college-bound students, good scores on the SAT and ACT can equal better scholarships and college opportunities. On these tests, understanding how to use a graphing calculator can be an advantage, especially since tools you might otherwise use (like your computer or phone) will not be accessible. The FX-9750GIII Graphing Calculator can be used for both the SAT and ACT tests.

6. Recognize mistakes are okay!

If you make a mistake, find a tutor or teacher to help you figure out where things went wrong.

7. Find ways to use algebra/math in real life

Making connections to the world around you can help you recognize that all of this math means something and is useful in the real world. Graphing, statistics, and algebra are used every single day by working professionals. Discover different ways that different types of math are used throughout the world.

8. Find supplemental online tutorials

When you’re not understanding a certain skill, findings sites like Casio may have tutorials and tips that help explain things better than your textbooks/teachers. Sometimes, a fresh example can put things into a new perspective.

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