Ten World War II Heroes



In this series, you will meet:
  • A teenager and her young sister who had 13 Jews in their attic for 2.5 years.
  • An Olympian who survived 47 days on a raft without food or water and a Japanese prison camp, and came to Christ afterward.
  • Three Geman teenagers who spread illegal pamphlets with the truth about Nazi Germany.
  • A group that saved 700 children – in a concentration camp.
  • A Catholic who attempted to assassinate Hitler – and nearly succeeded.

You can see why I wrote this series and the table of contents here. The heroes I featured were:

  1. Miracles Still Happen: Diet Eman
  2. All In His Hands: Louie Zamperini 
  3. The Jar of Life: Irena Sendler 
  4. Words, Not Guns: Helmuth Hübener 
  5. For God and Country: Claus von Stauffenberg
  6. We Will Not Be Silent: Sophie Scholl 
  7. The Power of Forgiveness: Eva Kor 
  8. A Company of Heroes: Richard Winters
  9. The Mystery Behind the Attic Wall: Stefania Podgorska 
  10. Resilience and Rescue: Jack Werber


I hope you all enjoyed this series! Some nights, I was editing WAY past midnight and worn but, but I had lots of fun writing each story, and I also learned a lot from it. I hope you found each post inspiring and informative! 🙂 Continue to check back on my blog or follow my blog board on Pinterest! Thanks!

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