Take a Bite Out of 2016: The Simply 100 Crunch Challenge

I recently won a local scholarship competition, and will be getting to compete at State in mid-February. Part of the competition is a ten minute on-stage fitness routine. Although fitness is not my forte, to prepare, I made a commitment to drink more water, eat healthier, and exercise more. In perfect timing, Chobani has begun The Simply 100 Crunch Challenge; a dedication to living healthier this new year.
The Simply 100 Challenge - Chobani
I’ve made a goal to work out at least four times a week, and to stretch every day, and sometimes watch Netflix while running. And although I have remained very faithful to get my eating habits in shape, I don’t mind treating myself to a dessert every now and then if I feel I’ve earned it.

The Chobani Simply 100 Crunch Challenge

I’m so excited to share Chobani’s new Simply 100 Crunch Challenge. In honor of the new year – Chobani is creating a unique challenge: make it a goal to live healthier, and burn just 100 calories a day. Living healthier doesn’t have to involve a gym membership, or dedicating hours to working out. Oftentimes, you just have to grab your iPod and take your dog around the neighborhood a couple times, or forgo soda for water.
Here are some of my favorite ways I stay a little healthier throughout my busy day!

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Parking far away
  • Doing various stretches for 100 seconds each (touch your toes, stretch your hamstrings, shoulders, arms, and legs) throughout the day
  • Dancing or doing jumping jacks while waiting in small wasted periods of time – while microwaving food or during commercial breaks.
  • Trading soda for fruit smoothies (I have almost completely eliminated soda from my diet)
  • Drinking more water
  • Jogging
  • Adding a bit more vegetables to my plate, and a little less dessert
  • Getting a workout buddy (I’ve forced my sisters to help me)
  • Taking up an interactive hobby (Walking dogs, cooking from scratch, biking, playing with your kids, gardening, Zumba, martial arts)

Eating healthier can be a challenge, but I think it’s best to sneak it in slowly. Chobani’s new Simply 100 Greek Yogurt makes this easy to do. The Simply 100 Greek Yogurt is made with only 100 calories, and is made out of entirely natural, non-GMO ingredients. They are free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and are packed with protein and fiber. There are 15 diverse flavors, ranging from Blueberry Cookie, Strawberry Truffle, and Mango Cone. Each container is easy to stick into a smoothie if you’re running low on time, or works as a substitute if a particular fruit is out of season. (I love strawberries, and currently am having trouble finding them at the grocery store, as they’re out of season.) For more nutritional information about these 100-calorie snacks, check out this nutritional sheet. Also be sure to visit the Simply 100 Greek Yogurt website for a few recipes, extra nutritional information, purchase locations, and a coupon for $1 off.

What are some ways you want to or are already living healthier? How are you crunching the numbers? Share your ideas with #Simply100.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Chobani, and I was compensated for this post.  This did not change my opinion of Chobani or motivate my healthy-living goals. Please read my full disclaimer for more information.

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