Summer Job Ideas for Kids

As kids grow up, small odd jobs can be a great way to teach lessons of hard work and the value of a dollar. Here are some summer job ideas for kids!

Summer Job Ideas for Kids

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As kids grow up, small odd jobs can be a great way to teach lessons of hard work and the value of a dollar. Here are some summer job ideas for kids!

1. Create a lemonade stand

Lemonade stands are a classic and for a good reason. They are perfect for beginner businesses. Get creative and turn it into a smoothie stand, or make a different flavored lemonade! Gather ingredients, and use this opportunity to teach business concepts like cost of goods sold and marketing. Check out my free entrepreneurship for kids packet.

2. Babysit

Babysitting is a classic. For many girls, it can be their first job! As a tween, one of my favorite books was The Babysitter’s Handbook: The Care and Keeping of Kids by American Girl. It has various babysitting how-tos, from handling sibling squabbles to changing a diaper.

3. Sell personal items

If you have a garage sale, encourage kids put their own belongings in there for a couple bucks.

4. Library page

Our local library begins hiring at 14. I worked as a page there for a year, which basically meant I put away books and other media. It’s a great beginner job!

5. Yardwork

Raking leaves, planting flowers, or shoveling snow for neighbors is a great beginner job for kiddos. Whether it’s for a busy young family or an elderly person, help kids turn their skills and energy into some pocket change.

6. Housesit

Know a family that’s going out of town for a bit? Use this opportunity to housesit!

7. Create and sell craft

Whether it be jewelry, cards, or canvases, grow an entrepreneurial spirit by selling something they created! It’s a great way to teach finding a market, pricing, and social skills.

8. Have a bake sale

For graduation and wedding season, a young child with a talent for baking could find an excellent market!

9. Mother’s helper

Mom, need help around the house? To motivate your kids, off to pay a couple of bucks for help with extra above-and-beyond chores around the house!

10. Cleaning cars

With summer carpool schedules, our cars get really dirty! Offer a service to sweep out cars and clean their interiors.

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  • Very thoughtful ideas! I’m going to make my future kids try all of these:) Thank you Samantha!

  • Where are you from? From what age kids are allowed to work in your country? I may send mine to at least some part-time job. But a little bit later. Right now I need to find my own job.

    • I live in America. Kids can’t get traditional jobs until age 14, but they can do little small jobs like these!

  • Samantha – so many great ideas!

    Babysitting is a great way for kids to learn if they like taking care of children. Additionally, it’s a good way to learn responsibility.

    I’m a huge fan of gardening a summer job for kids as well. Gardening keeps kids active while helping out neighbors and friends. If your child is out being active all day, it’ll keep them away from screens longer!

    Part-time summer jobs are not only a fantastic way to earn some cash, but they’re a great way for kids to learn financial management. When children earn their own money, they’ll understand the work it takes to earn a dollar and they’ll have to decide whether to save or spend their hard-earned cash.

    – Jani, Frugal Fun Finance