Suddenly Homeschooling – Review & Giveaway

Suddenly Homeschooling
So, you just decided to start homeschooling at the beginning of the school year. Homeschooling is very confusing at first, and comes with quite a bit of stress; including all the legal issues, grades, and most importantly of all, curriculum! Homeschooling isn’t just an educational choice either, it’s a family and lifestyle choice. Making time for school despite busy family life also becomes a problem, as education somewhat takes top-priority.ย Suddenly Homeschooling takes away all of this stress, andย includes every aspect of life you need to know about as you start homeschooling; from learning homeschool laws and becoming legal, to working meal planning into your homeschool, to creating chore charts and trying to keep your sanity. It literally covers everything in a concise manner, yet the book isn’t 500 pages long.
Each day of this two-week plan requires your full attention, and goes through everything you need to begin homeschooling, with days 13 and 14 being your two first days of homeschooling. After this time, I can guarantee you’ll be running a fully functioning homeschool, and then adjust your plans as needed. Like all things homeschool, one of the things I really liked was how the author stressed flexibility. Meal planning doesn’t work for my family, but it does work for a lot of families. Some families prefer classical homeschooling, others prefer a vibrant Charlotte Mason style (more on that in the book) approach to homeschooling. One of the biggest fears new homeschooler’s face is “doing it right.” In truth, there is no wrong or right way to homeschool, and I feel Marie-Claire explained this well and provided a variety of options for new homeschoolers without being overwhelming. Sometimes bloggers (me included!) have a way of under-explaining, forgetting some newbies are unsure of the terms we use. Marie-Claire explains fancy homeschool words, making this easy to understand for newbies.
One thing, this book is for grades K-8,ย not high school. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although similar, homeschooling high school would require a whole other book. ๐Ÿ™‚
I would definitely recommend this book though – save your sanity and enjoy your homeschool!
Disclaimer: I was given a free copy ofย Simply Homeschooling in exchange for an honest review. I am a very honest person, and this in no way changed my opinion.

Anyone interested in a signed copy of this great intro to homeschooling?

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  1. I’m interested in homeschooling because I was homeschooled and I think the one-size-fits-all style of public school is detrimental to all involved.

  2. As a first time homeschool mom, I find it to be exciting and overwhelming. I want my children to receive a well-rounded education and the one on one I can dedicate to them is something that would not be given in a public school.

  3. Some of my kids have needs that I think will be better addressed at home. Also looking forward to seeing my kids more often!

  4. Hi my name is Trinity I am Thirteen years old and I excepted Christ into my heart when I was just six years old. I am telling you we both have the same exact interests I love learning about WW11 and Sophie Scholl, Adolf Hitler, Holocaust and we are both Bibliophiles I live in Pennsylvania in case you were wondering I hope you read my comment and find me on Pinterest oh by the way I love pinterest two and I have a dog named meeka and I am homeschooled talk to you later. Blessings, Trinity


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