5 Things We Can Learn From Soul Surfer | Soul Surfer Movie Study

Use this Soul Surfer movie study to learn about the importance of perseverance through the life of professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton. 

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5 Things We Can Learn From Soul Surfer

1. Don’t let setbacks keep you down. 

Bethany has overcome several unexpected adversities throughout her life. Just like a person who has a fall from their surf board, Bethany’s story teaches us that getting back up after a setback, no matter what, is essential to keep moving forward in life. The waves might knock us off our boards and even try to push us under, but we don’t know what could be just over the next wave, so keep getting up!

2. Hold on to your faith.

When the reality of her accident set in, Bethany realized she had nothing left to lean on but her faith. And when her body and mind began to heal, her deep faith allowed her to start dreaming again. Sometime later, faith gave Bethany the courage to return to her passion for surfing, even if it seemed like it would be impossible to get back out on the water. 

3. What you do isn’t who you are.

When her tragic accident left her with countless physical wounds and even more emotional scars, Bethany found herself having to rebuild her identity. She discovered that she was much more to her family and friends than just a surfer; in fact, she was deeply known and fully loved by them. Their support eventually helped Bethany get back out on the ocean, but now she understands that she is valuable apart from her status as a surfer. 

4. Love is larger than your fear. 

After the accident, Bethany had to make a huge decision: let fear keep her on land forever, or face the potential of sharks and failure to take to the waves once again. With the loving support of her family and friends around her, Bethany eventually found the courage to get back on her board. 

5. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible. 

It is tempting at times to want to take the easy route, and sometimes the obstacles we face in life make us want to turn back completely. But Bethany Hamilton’s story reminds us that just because something is hard doesn’t mean we should throw in the towel at the first sign of opposition. Many times, the best fruit of our labors comes right after a time of intense difficulty. As Bethany teaches us, keep moving forward with grit and don’t give up!

Soul Surfer Movie Study

Soul Surfer, the movie based on the life of professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, teaches the importance of perseverance even in the midst of tragedy. Use this movie guide to reflect on Bethany’s difficult situation, using her as an example of strong faith, and hopefulness. 

These activities get students thinking critically about the movie and applying the lesson to their own life.

This packet includes 16 pages and an answer key. Here’s a sample of what is inside.

  • Pre Viewing Questions
  • Movie Quiz
  • Discussion Questions (2 pages)
  • Bethany: Before and After the Attack
  • Bethany Hamilton (article + quiz)
  • Traits of Bethany graphic organizer
  • Surfing (graphic organizer/research project)
  • Perseverance Your Own Life
  • Faith Without Fear (can be omitted for secular study)
  • And more!

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