Simple Acts of Kindness Freebie

Inspire kindness with this free simple acts of kindness list for kids.

Looking for a simple way to encourage acts of kindness in your children (or yourself)? If so, pick up this free printable guide and let the kindness begin! This is the perfect list to help jumpstart acts of kindness in such a way that soon it will be natural for your kids to be intentionally looking for ways to brighten someone else’s day.

Foster daily kindness by offering a smile to a stranger, encouraging someone, giving out a compliment, sharing your time, resources, or skills, or spreading kind words.

Weekly, take on the challenge to write a kind letter, list all of the things you are thankful for, help out someone else with a task, or leave a kind note for a family member, friend, or stranger to find. You could also give up your spot in line and allow someone else to go ahead of you, invite a new friend to play with you, or buy coffee for a complete stranger.

And don’t forget to show kindness to yourself by naming things you love about you! For even more kindness ideas, check out the monthly checklist. This list challenges you to help keep the earth clean by picking up litter, share your culinary gifting by cooking a meal for another person, volunteer at your favorite church, charity, or other organization, surprise your sibling by doing their chores, and create a care package to send to a military member, college student, or lonely friend.

Don’t forget to show kindness to the people who serve us behind the scenes, often without much thanks. Show your appreciation for members of the police force, firefighters, and local librarians by whipping up a batch of your favorite cookies and letting them enjoy them. Ask you joyfully learn to foster kindness in your life, use the square checklist to mark off times you were kind, and watch as the entire page fills!

Grab the Simple Acts of Kindness Freebie Here!

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