School Cheat Sheets

Make school easier with these school cheat sheets for math, language, and more!

Math Cheat Sheets

Math Cheat Sheet Freebie

With over 200,000 downloads, this classic Math Cheat Sheet is used by students across the globe!

Multiplication Cheat Sheets

Make multiplication easier with the Multiplication Cheat Sheet packet! This 5-page pack is great for early elementary students.

Dollars and Cents Cheat Sheet Freebie

Teach the basics of financial literacy with this simple cheat sheet that breaks down US currency.

The Ultimate Math Cheat Sheets

From fractions to decimals, make math easier with The Ultimate Language Arts Cheat Sheets. This visually stunning reference guide is designed for grades 4-8.

Time Cheat Sheets

From the days of the week to the traditional clock, learn about time with these Time Cheat Sheets!

Language Arts Cheat Sheets

The Ultimate Language Arts Cheat Sheets


Kitchen Cheat Sheet Freebie

Here’s one for you, mama! We know cooking may be challenging sometimes.

Spy Code Cheat Sheet

From Morse to tap code and Braille, learn these super fun spy codes!

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