Hands-on Rainbow Science Activities for Elementary Students

Get hands-on with these 25+ rainbow science activities for elementary students! Make science come alive with these activities to make learning epic.

Get hands-on with these 25+ rainbow science activities for elementary students! Make science come alive with these activities to make learning epic.

Hands-on Rainbow Science Activities

Sugar Water Density Rainbow Project – Little Bin For Little Hands

Learn about the density of liquids and basic color mixing in this activity!

Exploring Rainbows, Lights and Colors – A Little Pinch of Perfect

This sensory science activity is a fantastic introduction to light and color.

Crawling Colors – Parenting Chaos

With only a few household ingredients, create crawling colors in this experiment.

Rainbow Lemon Eruptions Salt Tray – Kids Play Box

Get messy with this salt tray!

Color Changing Flowers – Schooling A Monkey

How can flowers change colors? Find out in this really fun and unique experiment that elementary students will love!

Rainbow Soap – Fun At Home With Kids

This soap activity is great for sensory and allows kids to get messy while learning about different colors. Learn what happens when you mix primary colors together.

Rainbow Volcano – Green Kid Crafts

Turn your volcano into a colorful mess with this rainbow volcano.

Multi Layered Rainbow Jar – Playdough to Plato

What liquids don’t mix? Find out in this colorful multi-layered rainbow jar!
Scented Rainbow and Sensory Play – Fun-A-Day

Combine science and sensory play for the little ones.

The Awesome Rainbow Milk – Artful Parent

Check out this mom’s popular take on the rainbow milk project.

Fizzing Rainbow – Schooling A Monkey

Practice basic chemical reactions with this activity meant for toddlers.

Rainbow Foam Eggs – Inspiration Laboratories

Grab some plastic eggs leftover from Easter for this fun project.

Create Your Own Realistic Rainbow with a Flashlight, Water and Mirror – Physics Central

How are rainbows created? Find out with this experiment!

DIY Rainbow Paper – Science Kiddo

Make your own rainbow paper with only three materials!

Growing Rainbow Crystals – Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Grow rainbow crystals with this easy and fun experiment at home.

Rainbow Marker Coffee Filter Experiment – Make and Takes

White coffee filters allow for great experimentation with color bleeds.

Homemade Spectroscope – Buggy and Buddy

Explore the different spectrum of light with this homemade spectroscope!

Rainbow Rocket Science – Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Take the kids outside for this bright and colorful experiment kids will love.

Color Play on Mirror Rainbow Color Play Experiment – Little Bins for Little Hands

Explore color with this sensory science activity for the little ones.

Rainbow Ice Tunnels – I Can Teach My Child
Learn about ice with these rainbow ice tunnels in this activity that can keep kids busy for at least an hour.

Rainbow Paint Pops – Learning 4 Kids

Have kids paint with these fun rainbow pops.

Rainbow Shaving Cream Rain Clouds – Paging Fun Mums

There’s only a few household ingredients needed for these bright rain clouds.

Rainbow Ice and Salt Science Experiment for Preschool – Powerful Motherin

Explore two different types of color patterns with this simple rainbow ice and salt experiment! The main prep time involves freezing two blocks of ice.

Rainbow Ice Chalk – Reading Confetti

On a warm day, create this bright and colorful homemade ice chalk!

Skittles Density Rainbow – Gift Of Curiosity

You’ll need a packet of Skittles for this layered rainbow experiment!

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