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Many of you know I prefer a living, non-textbook approach when it comes to history and science. Masterbooks provides quality, Christian homeschool curriculum with a more book-centered approach.
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The Masterbooks science curriculum Applied Engineering: Studies of God’s Design in Nature is centered around three books, Champions of InventionDiscovery of Design, and Made in Heaven.
I honestly got into this curriculum much more than I thought I would. Many of you know I am a die-hard history nerd, but I’m also a modern tech-junkie, and I enjoy medical/CSI-type science. All three books explore the unique ways of nature’s incredible design, and how scientists have studied and replicated the techniques for modern health and technology.

You may have guessed aircraft was inspired by a bird’s flight, but could you have guessed pine cones inspired smart clothes? Or skin inspired self-repairing plastic? Discovery of Design walks you through these, and provides extra resources for further research.

Champions of Invention is the smallest book, with about 75 pages. The book includes 9 short biographies about great scientists.
Made in Heaven was definitely my favorite of the three books. It included vivid imagery, and the pictures bring out my inner child. (I’m helplessly attracted to stunning photography and great design.) My favorite stories were how scientists are studying the painless mosquito bite, and trying to use similar techniques to create needles just as painless. Or, how butterflies’ reflective waves are helping prevent counterfeit bills. The book really reminded me of the old hymn “This is My Father’s World,” and how wide and incredible God’s creation truly scales. Being a visual learner who thrives on fun, random facts, I was able to remember many of these facts days after reading it. And really, that’s how I feel learning should be. Not by studying for a test.
The actual workbook includes a 4 days-a-week lesson schedule, student worksheets, quizzes and tests, and the answer key. It was designed for grades 7-9 for 1 credit.
Although I only got to spend a few days with this curriculum, I used Masterbooks’ American History and American Literature a couple years ago and I fell in love with it. Granted, the only reason I picked it was because the reading list had The Chosen, one of my favorite novels. From my two experiences, both curriculums can become as in-depth as you want. Questions offer ample room for further discussion and research. I would highly recommend it for analytical and visual learners, and I know science lovers will devour it.
Masterbooks is a Christian publishing company, a division of New Leaf Publishing. They offer discounts for curriculum sets, and are currently offering free shipping for orders over $75. (no code needed)
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  1. Can you recommend any experiments or video accompaniments to the Applied Engineering curriculum? I’m looking into this for my 12 yr old son who is very hands on. Thank you!


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