The Pros and Cons of Blogger to WordPress

This is an adaption of a blog post 16 year old Samantha wrote in 2014. Enjoy!

Hobby Blogger to Professional Blogger

When I was 14 years old, I started this blog. A year later, I learned you could make money blogging and I decided it was something I wanted to pursue full-time.

A year and a half later, I switched from Blogger to WordPress. In the beginning, I hated the switch and was homesick for my old blogger blog.

I became serious about blogging when my first post took off – 100 repins in 12 hours. That number soon doubled. A few weeks after I began blogging, I received hundreds of shares daily. My blog has been repinned well over 66,000+ times. My blog spread like wildfire throughout Pinterest in such a short time. I was starting to get recognized by some serious homeschool bloggers. People were sharing my blog, out of the 30 million websites out there, and taking time to comment and tell me how much they loved my work. I was humbled, excited, and I knew this was what I wanted to do professionally.

In April, I went before an Investor Panel for my business The Parsi Company (a whole other adventure) and was graciously awarded $1,275 to start my business. When I bought a hosting plan, I bought an extra domain for my blog, so fortunately I got my initial domain and hosting for free and made the switch, plus set up an e-commerce site from scratch, in about 5 days, with my business website taking the most time.

Reason #1 Why You Should Move: Blogger Owns Your Content

Blogger owns your content, and can delete it anytime they want. Although not very common, it can happen, for whatever reason.

Reason #2 Why You Should Move: WordPress is responsive.

With Blogger, when a reader is on the site via their phone, the URL ends with ?m=1 – and when the readers pin off the mobile site, that end URL stays, and looks weird on a computer or laptop, to boot. Because the URL ends with instead of; none of Blogger’s Mobile links transfer. WordPress themes are responsive, which means they adjust to whatever platform the reader is on; mobile, laptop, tablet – without the ending tag. When clicked, this link will transfer to my WordPress site as it is now. When clicked, this link will not transfer to my WordPress site, and will look weird on a desktop computer.
Although I am thankfully not getting broken links, the mobile version is quite frustrating, because I am not getting the stats and the reader is getting a hard-to-read and sloppy version of my old blog.

Reason #3 Why You Should Move: Stats

A few days ago, while helping someone with their Blogger blog, I went back to my old site (do NOT delete your Blogger blog after you’ve moved) and looked at my traffic sources. I was glad, but upset too. A company recently repinned a post, and it had over 800 repins. Unfortunately, the link was to my old site (with a Japan link, – I’ve only had that problem with one post) and I knew nothing about it.

The social media statistics I was seeing didn’t reflect my blog’s true share count.

How to Move

I followed this complete walkthrough that, very detailed, goes through everything you need to know about this big move, complete with pictures, and how to transfer your links, keeping comments and photos, plus an intro to WordPress’ plugins. The only things I would add to her tutorial are:

  • If you have a giant blog (100+ posts) go through them and delete the fluff.
  • Save the HTML of your sidebar.
  • Save your Pages (just in case!)
  • Get your new blog verified with Pinterest and Google Analytics
  • Install the Askimet plugin on WordPress for anti-spam.
  • For your most popular posts, if you saved your photos under vague titles (like “tree” for your post “13 Family Picnic Ideas”) go through “MEDIA” in WordPress and start renaming the posts. I only renamed the photos for my most popular post since I had so many.
  • Back up your blog before the move!
  • Start with a free theme, and in time, if you want a paid theme, go with it.


  • Askimet (anti-spam) a MUST download
  • Yoast SEO


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