Picture Books for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to promote love and kindness. Show some love with these Valentine’s books for kids.

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Valentine’s Books for Kids

Here Comes Valentine Cat by Deborah Underwood

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Cat isn’t feeling very amicable towards his new neighbor, Dog. He definitely won’t be sending any Valentine’s cards next door, until, that is, Dog surprises Cat first in a most unexpected way. 

Love From the Crayons by Drew Daywalt

Fans of “The Day the Crayons Quit” will love this Valentine’s version of the story, in which the much-beloved crayons learn a lesson or two about love!

Plant a Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

A child plants a kiss into the dirt, and as she tends it carefully, she wonders what will grow above ground? This is a lovely story about the power of love to change the world, one person at a time. 

Valentine’s Day Jitters by Julie Danneburg

Mrs. Hartwell has planned the best Valentine’s celebration ever for her class, but bit by bit, the whole thing falls apart! Her students come to the rescue, however, when they let her know they love her and are so thankful for their teacher! Together, the class and Mrs. Hartwell work to put things aright and enjoy their afternoon. 

The Invisible String by Patrice Karst

Did you know that there is an invisible string connecting you to everyone who loves you? This heartwarming book explores the connections that we must see with our hearts, not just our eyes. 

Snowy Valentine by David Petersen

Jasper the rabbit is on a quest to find the best Valentine’s gift for his beloved wife. It has to express his deep admiration for her and show his undying love. It must be the perfect present! As he searches, Jasper gets into some mischief. 

The 12 Days of Valentine’s by Jenna Lettice

It’s the 12 Days of Valentine’s Day told in the same style as the ’12 Days of Christmas’. The rhyming words and whimsical illustrations will make this a fast favorite with your younger children. 

The Dinosaurs Valentines Day by Jessica Brady

Logan the dinosaur creates individual Valentine notes for each of his dinosaur buddies in which he expresses his admiration and love for each one and their unique friendship to him. Sweet and funny. 

Love Monster by Rachel Bright

Love Monster isn’t delicate, fluffy, or particularly cute. Sometimes he wonders if there is anyone out there who could truly love a Love Monster like him. As he looks for such a one, Love Monster discovers you don’t have to change who you are to be loved. 

Mouse’s First Valentine by Lauren Thompson

Mouse isn’t sure what his sister is doing with the seemingly random assortment of frilly, lacy, flowery items she’s been collecting. After lots of secrecy, Minka hands her little brother a surprise–the Valentine’s card she’s been working so hard at! 

What is Love? by Mac Barnett

A boy and his grandmother wonder together about the nature of love, and then the wise grandmother sends her grandson into the world to explore and experience the word, in all its varied and lovely forms. 

Love Around the World: Family and Friendship Across the Globe by Alli Brydon

The way that people show and express love around the world is as different as the cultures themselves. Learn about traditions and expressions of showing love in this trip around the globe. 

Love Grows Everywhere by Barry Timms

Love can come in many forms and looks different from place to place and person to person. This book explores the ways people share and show their love for one another in a sweet story about a farm girl and the new boy she welcomes to her town. 

The Runaway Valentine by Tina Casey

In this hilarious story, a tossed-aside Valentine card makes it his quest to find love and bring people together. The cut paper and cloth illustrations make this a delightful read. 

Elmore by Hollie Hobbie

If you’re a porcupine like Elmore, it can be hard to make friends. No one wants to be close to the guy with spikes shooting off of him! Good friends, however, will stick by him long enough to get to know the real Elmore, the one under the spikes. 

Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda

Learn the true story behind the holiday! In ancient Rome, doctor and priest Valentine assisted a blind girl in the recovery of her sight. After the procedure, he sent her a note of love, but she did not receive it until after his death. 

Celebrating Valentine’s Day by Shannon Anderson

This book has it all: history, fun facts, stories, activities, games, and more! There’s something for everyone in this catch-all Valentine’s book. 

This is NOT a Valentine by Carter Higgins

Do you know a kid who doesn’t go for Valentine’s Day and all that mushy-gushy stuff? This hilarious book shows that you can still show you care for friends and family even if you skip the pink and red hearts. 

Click, Clack, Moo, I Love You! by Doreen Cronin

Fans of other ‘Click, Clack, Moo’ titles will love this Valentine’s version! Duck is planning a party for the animals when a fox wanders into the barn. The animals look at him skeptically and some hide out of sight, but could it be that just maybe a new friend is what they all need? 

Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George by N. Di Angelo

Curious George has a Valentine’s Day adventure in this fun fold-out book! When some friends get together to bake some sweet desserts and make heartfelt cards, Curious George is right there to add his own mischief to the mix! 

Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine by Rob Scotton

Splat the Cat is so excited for Valentine’s Day! He can’t wait to give a card to someone special, but he needs a bit of help from his classmates to pull off the perfect surprise for his friend! 

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