Picture Books About Perseverance

Picture Books About Perseverance

Rosie Revere Engineer by Andrea Beaty

Rosie might come across as shy and timid, but when she gets ahold of some gadgets and gizmos, Rosie engineers amazing inventions! When her great-great-aunt Rose (Rosie the Riveter) stops by for a visit with a wish to fly, Rosie does everything in her power to make that happen. But at the first test flight, the flying machine crashes to the ground after barely catching air, and Rosie thinks herself a failure of an inventor. It takes the encouragement of her aunt Rose to help her see that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again! 

Ruby’s Wish by Shirin Yim Bridges

In old China, most young girls wanted to grow up and become wives and mothers. Not Ruby! Ruby’s one wish was to go to university like the boys. Will her wish come true?

Y Is For Yet by Shannon Anderson

If you are working on developing a growth mindset, this alphabet book is great for reminding you that mistakes are not the end. Instead you can view setbacks as growth spurts for your brain and use them to build your resilience! Every page boasts both an alphabet letter connected to the theme as well as factual information about the way our amazing brains work and how to develop them to the best of our ability! 

The Magical Yet by Angela DiTerlizzi

The day you were born you were given a special companion – a YET! Can’t ride your bike? Yet! Can’t do the monkey bars? Yet! With the power of Yet, you will soon find that you can do just about anything you set your mind to, as long as you’re willing to put in the practice!

The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do by Ashley Spires

Lou is usually full of spunk and always up for an adventure, that is, until her friends suggest using a tall, tall tree as a spaceship. Lou has never climbed a tree so high up before, and she she’s nervous. She first tries to make other suggestions for a game, and when that doesn’t work she resorts to excuses. In the end, she has to admit she is afraid. I like this story in particular because although Lou decides to face her fears, she still fails. Despite the failure, however, Lou demonstrates an incredible growth mindset and makes a plan to try again another time. 

The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright

Kevin the Koala prefers the slow life in the treetops to the fast and frightening pace he sees on the ground below him. He knows that if he stays where he’s comfortable among the branches, life will always be easy-breezy. But when Kevin is forced to make a change, he has to decide whether or not he will embrace the new, even if it causes him to feel afraid and unsure. 


Rainbow Weaver / Tejedora del arcoírisBunheadsThe Girl Who Heard the Music: How One Pianist and 85,000 Bottles and Cans Brought New Hope to an Island


The Dot by Peter Reynolds

Vashti can’t get her creative juices flowing. In art class, the blank paper in front of her seems mocking. Her kind teacher encourages her to just ‘make a mark’ and see where it takes her. When Vashit places a dot on the page, she starts to see herself as capable of making art, and a whole new world of possibilities opens up to her. 

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton

Despite being told that science is a man’s field, many women throughout history have gone against the grain and found their place in hospitals, laboratories, research centers, and more. Read about them in this anthology. 

Rainbow Weave by Linda Elovitz Marshall

Ixchel wants to follow the tradition of weaving, but mother won’t let her use thread! Ixchel learns to repurpose plastic bags into bright colors. This beautiful story is based on the recycling movement in Guatemala.

Bunheads by Misty Copeland

As Misty navigates the challenges of pursuing her dreams within a predominantly white and elite industry, Misty’s journey unfolds with both grace and determination. Copeland’s narrative beautifully intertwines themes of ambition, identity, and resilience, offering readers an inspiring and heartfelt story that resonates far beyond the stage. With its poignant portrayal of the highs and lows of ballet, “Bunheads” invites readers to embrace their passions and persevere against all odds.

Last to Finish by Barbara Esham

Max is extremely discouraged when it comes to memorizing multiplication facts. Try as he might, they just won’t stick in his head! And as soon as the weekly timed test appears on his desk, Max starts sweating buckets! With the help of a patient teacher, Max learns that resilience and grit can take a person a long way. His teacher also helps him understand that if you struggle with something, it doesn’t mean you aren’t smart, it might just mean you need to learn it in a different way! 

True Stories

The Girl Who Heard the Music: How One Pianist and 85,000 Bottles and Cans Brought New Hope to an Island by Marni Fogelson

Mahani was born on the remote island of Rapa Nui, more commonly known as Easter Island. The island boasted a single piano, on which Mahani learned notes and tunes from the island’s sole piano instructor. As Mahani grew, so did her talent for piano. It soon became apparent that for her to grow professionally, she would need to leave the only home she had known. After becoming an acclaimed concert pianist, Mahani returned to Rapa Nui. She noticed two areas of need and sought to meet them – people worked to pick up ocean trash found scattered on the beaches and used it to build a music school where Mahani could teach students about instruments and song! 


Last to Finish, A Story About the Smartest Boy in Math Class: A Positive Math Story and Growth Mindset Book for Kids with Math Anxiety (The Adventures of Everyday Geniuses 0)The Magical Yet (The Magical Yet, 1)Mae Among the Stars


Thank You, Dr. Salk! by Dean Robbins

As a shy and quiet kid, Jonas Salk dreamed of healing the world. When the polio virus attacked hordes of people in his city, Jonas decided it was time to stop being quiet. He spent hours and days and months in a laboratory, creating tests and failing over and over, until… it finally worked! Jonas had developed a polio vaccine that would change the lives of millions of people. 

Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed

Mae Jemison made history when she was the first African-American woman to travel into space. This book is a great overview of Mae’s life and a beautiful story of perseverance. Grab the book guide here.

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