Passover Resources for Christians

Many of you know that although I am a Christian, I have a deep passion for Judaism, and Jewish people in general. This week is Passover; where Jews celebrate the Exodus and how God “passed over” their firstborn during the plagues of Egypt. The holiday lasts eight days. For more information, check out Hebrew for Christians: The Passover Seder.

This post is sponsored by A Cry from Egypt by Hope Auer.


Moe and the Big Exit – the little kids
This Veggietale take on the Moses story is pretty clean, albeit not “historically accurate.” However, it is great for introducing the little ones to the story of Moses in a light way!

Shalom Sesame: No 7, It’s Passover Grover! – the little kids
Shalom Sesame is a co-production of the characters and educational aspect of the original Sesame Street with Rechove Sumsum – the Israeli version of Sesame Street. It features Grover and friends in Israel, going over Jewish holidays and culture. I’ve seen the first two episodes, and admittedly loved them more than my 4 year old sister did. Their other episodes cover holidays like Purim, Hanukkah, and Shabbat. All are amazing and an excellent introduction to Jewish holidays for young Jews and Christians alike!

Prince of Egypt – the elementary kids
Although animated, this may be a little too dark for younger kids. Nevertheless, it’s still a great retelling of Moses. Well made, great animation, and of course a great version of When You Believe.

The Ten Commandments – the middle school kids
The Ten Commandments is one of those classics every kid should see, when they’re old enough to get the storyline without having nightmares. It’s a classic, wonderfully made, and definitely something to watch this week.

The Prince of Egypt
This picture book accompanies the classic animated movie with the same title.

The Story of Passover by David A. Adler
Written by the author of the Cam Jansen series, this picture book tells the story of Passover with beautiful accompanying images. The end also has a brief blurb on Passover traditions.

A Cry from Egypt by Hope Auer
Although I love non-fiction, one of my favorite ways to teach history is from a fictional point of view. After discerning fact from fiction, stories always make remembering history easier. A Cry from Egypt tells the story of fictional young Hebrew slave Jarah, as she witnesses the plagues of Egypt, and Yahweh’s power, wrath, mercy, and love. This book is written by homeschool graduate Hope Auer and illustrated by another homeschool graduate.

Plus, my favorite part, it has an AUDIOBOOK! One of my biggest audiobook pet-peeves is when it has an evident robot reading. A Cry from Egypt has dozens of actors, and is complete with professional editing, sound effects, and music. Adventures in Odyssey fans will LOVE the audiobook. I read half the book and listened to the audiobook for the second half. You can read my full review here.
Cry from Egypt
Happy Pesach!
Disclaimer: I received a copy of A Cry from Egypt free for the purpose of this review. No other compensations were given. This in no manner affected my review. I also receive a small commission off Amazon links, to help keep my blog running and the content free. Thanks for understanding. Please read my full disclosure here.

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