Overground Railroad Lapbook and Activities

Overground Railroad by Lena Cline-Ransome

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Overground Railroad Lapbook Activities

Overground Railroad by Lesa Cline-Ransome beautifully weaves together the story of the Underground Railroad and its less-known counterpart–the Overground Railroad. The toil and strife experienced by Black families fighting for equal rights and freedoms throughout history is acknowledged, celebrated, and held up as an example for us to follow. The story follows a young girl and her family leaving their sharecropping farm and heading north in search of a better life for themselves and hope for their future. 

To help students better understand the story, I made a lapbook full of comprehension and thought-provoking activities. Print it on Astrobrights for instant color or on white paper so you can color the pages! I’ve found it’s easier to color and then cut.

Included are each of these:

  • What was the Underground Railroad?
  • Underground Railroad vs. Overground Railroad
  • Flip book story comprehension
  • Who was Fredrick Douglass?
  • Vocabulary
  • Questions I have about the Overground Railroad

Grab the free lapbook here!

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