Numbers in Mandarin Chinese Handwriting Worksheets

Numbers in Mandarin Chinese Handwriting Worksheets

There are so many reasons to start learning a second language. Since kids are better at acquiring language than adults are, you really can’t get started too soon! Learning a second language opens up a world of possibilities and helps kids learn to appreciate other cultures that may be quite different from their own. Studies have also shown that learning to speak a second language can stimulate your brain and create many new pathways in it, as well as improve your attention span and give you a stronger memory. (Not to mention the possibilities for benefits in future careers and travel opportunities.)

If you’re ready to increase your brain power and try your hand at some Chinese characters for numbers, this resource is for you! Simple, step-by-step instructions allow kids to try writing Chinese characters for numbers with confidence! Lots of practice with each character ensures your students will have a good grasp of the ways to accurately depict the numbers one through ten in Chinese characters. This downloadable, printable resource also comes with a cheat sheet that lists each of the numbers and their names in Chinese, so you can use it as a poster or for quick reference. 

Grab the worksheets for $2 here!

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