My First 100 Words Spanish Workbook

Did you know that learning a second (or even third) language as a child is much easier than learning as an adult? Children’s brains are especially primed for language learning, so now’s the time to teach your students their first 100 Spanish Words! This Spanish Workbook contains all the basics to introduce children to a new language in a fun, engaging, and memorable way!

On page one, students will enjoy learning about how to introduce themselves and ask someone’s name on the first page. Color-coded text allows readers to easily distinguish between the parts of two different speakers in dialogue on a smartphone graphic that kids will love! English translations at the bottom of the page ensure that kids will be able to understand the Spanish dialogue on the cheat sheet. 

The next page contains numbers 0 through 11 in Spanish. Students are encouraged to draw chocolate chips on the cookies, with the number of chocolate chips corresponding to the number written in Spanish in word form above each circle. 

Page three of this workbook is all about los colores–the colors! Bright crayon images display the color names of 11 common colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, white, black, and gray. 

After learning the color names, students will move on to the next page in the workbook. This page allows Spanish language learners to display their understanding through a fun color-by-number. 

Students will learn common names for family members and other people on the next page. These vocabulary words include man, woman, boy, girl, mother, father, brother, sister, grandma, and grandpa.

Next it’s time to learn about some other very important members of our families–pets! On this page, students will color the pets and then note which pets they have at home. 

After that we take a trip to the wild and learn Spanish terms for some common farm and ocean animals.

Hungry after all this Spanish learning? Never fear, the next activity is all about meals we eat and what’s on our plates. Students will draw and color their meal of choice while discovering the Spanish words for fork, knife, napkin, and plate. After includes a variety of pages learning common foods, dessert, and following a basic recipe in Spanish!

If students are looking out the windows, the next activity will allow them to communicate about the weather in Spanish. Students will learn the terms for stars, rain, snow, moon, sun, and wind. 

Finally, your Spanish language learners are ready to form some simple sentences using the word “tener”, to have. With a simple, easy-to-follow, fill-in-the-blank format, students will be able to say quite a bit! 

On the following workbook pages, students will enjoy learning about ten more of the most common and useful verbs that will allow them to form many simple sentences in their new language! 

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