Movie Guide Sample Lesson Plan Ideas

Thank you for purchasing a Learn in Color movie guide! Here are some examples of lesson plan ideas.

Day 1: Watch the movie

If any, consider the Pre-Viewing Questions. Begin talking about the themes of the movie. Then, watch the movie.

Day 2: Analyze the Characters

Begin by thinking about the characters. You can use some common elements of literature studies and apply those lessons to movies.

Who is the protagonist? Who is the antagonist? Are there any complex characters – perhaps “good” guys who make bad choices or vice versa? Do the characters change throughout the movie? Do they stay the same?

Day 3: Setting

Consider the different settings of the movie. This may include the time period that shapes the way the characters think and act or the country/state they live in.

For example, Fiddler on the Roof is set in a fictional village, but the antisemitism and the events surrounding the Jews were very real.

If the story is historical, has the country/state changed since then? Use this day to look at extended resources including music from the time period or country, other books, movies, or documentaries.

Day 4: Themes

Consider the themes of the story. What was the message? How do these themes apply to today’s world?

Day 5: Lessons Learned/Fun

What did you learn from the movie? How can you use the movie to make you a better person, if possible? What lessons do the characters learn?

Complete any fun activities or look into the extended resources. Check out books from the library relating to the time period or culture.


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