Meet the Robinsons Movie Study

Keep moving forward with this Meet the Robinsons movie study guide! It includes 16 pages of Meet the Robinsons activities, worksheets, and ideas for encouraging growth mindset.

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Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons is one of my favorite movies! It has so many great lessons on perseverance and resilience. It has a lot to say about creativity and individuality. Plus, it’s a great tool for encouraging a growth mindset. 

Abandoned as a baby, Lewis is a bright young boy growing up in an orphanage. He has a creative mind and a knack for science. At his school’s science fair, Lewis’ invention creates a catastrophe. By chance, he meets Wilbur, a kid who claims he’s from the future! Wilbur desperately needs Lewis to fix a time machine. With that, the two head off to the future for great adventures!

Meet the Robinsons is a sweet film great for the whole family. Use this movie study to turn a movie night into a character-building lesson!

There are 16 pages included in this study with an answer key. View the Preview for an in-depth look at the pages!


  • Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Discussion Questions (one version with a list, one with 10 questions and space to write)
  • Lewis (current and future) Venn diagram
  • Character Study for Lewis, Wilbur, and Bowler Hat Guy
  • Cause and Effect


  • Learning From Failure
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Keep Moving Forward (applying to your life)
  • Facing The Future (your future)


  • Famous Inventions (what problems do they solve?)
  • The Characters graphic organizer
  • Book and Movie graphic organizer
  • Word Search

Grab the movie study on my website or Teachers Pay Teachers!

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