Math Scavenger Hunt for Elementary Students

We use math every day in our lives! Encourage the use of math in everyday life with this math scavenger hunt for elementary students.
We use math every day in our lives! Encourage using math in everyday life with this math scavenger hunt for elementary students.

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Math Scavenger Hunt

I love teaching math without textbooks and finding ways to make math more practical. Discover the ways we use math in our everyday life with this math scavenger hunt! The bright color palette is fun and inviting. Have your kiddos or students look through magazines or newspapers in search of this list of 24 common math concepts that can be easily found in a magazine or newspaper.
It can be used in a math center, busywork, a reward for early finishers, or a lazy homeschool day. Award bonus points if students can find additional math concepts! (You should be able to find old magazines for free from your local library!)

I prefer to either laminate my printables or put them in reusable plastic sleeves for best results. There are two sheets included. One is a Bingo card, with a free space in the middle. This can be used as a math game. The other one is just a list, and students can cross off the list as they find them.
Search for the following on the list:

  • number written in word form
  • table of data
  • circle graph
  • bar graph
  • line graph or timeline
  • polygon
  • temperature
  • date
  • fraction
  • number greater than one million
  • price with dollars and cents
  • percentage
  • decimal less than 1
  • decimal greater than 1
  • negative number
  • time
  • line longer than 2 inches
  • pattern
  • mixed number
  • recipe
  • height and length of something
  • unit of measure (inches, feet, miles, etc.)
  • coupon
  • prices

You can purchase the Math Scavenger Hunt at my shop, or at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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  • I just bought your math scavenger hunt from your website. How do I download it? It never gave me the option, just went back to your page with no link for the download. If this is no longer available, please refund my money!

    • Hey Krista! I just got the payment! Did it land in your Spam folder? (This is pretty common!) If not, I will email you the product link. Thank you! 🙂 -Samantha

  • Hi Samantha!
    Just got on your website and am very impressed with your ideas and products! As a veteran home educator (5 out of six now college bound or beyond), your resources are especially appealing. Many of them would make great “car-schooling” resources as well, or when we’re waiting for appointments. The math pages above are both travel-worthy and serve to show the children the everyday uses of math, answering that age-old question: “When will I ever use this?!” in the very context of their use. Excellent! Thanks for taking your knowledge and creativity and making a home school mom’s job easier, and her students’ job more fun!

    • Hey Robyn! Thanks so much for your sweet message! I’m glad to hear it – I truly believe learning shouldn’t be boring 🙂