How Do You Kill 11 Million People? – A Review

I cannot remember where I found this book. I think it was from a Christian book magazine. The title intrigued me and, as I have studied the Holocaust.
The book can easily be finished within 15 minutes, which is a shame because it is so good. I felt he could have easily expanded this tiny book to include issues like gun control, socialism, media propaganda, and bystanding. However, its miniature length is one of the author’s main perks, and I think the miniature length is inspiring for the average voter. Although it remains apolitical, it has an obvious Christian conservative stance and perspective.
Firstly, this is not an instruction manual. This is not a “for dummies how-to manual.” Rather, it’s a warning, and offers a solution. It offers a sharp look at indifference in Nazi Germany, and how this indifference can seep into American culture.
The main thing that stood out to me throughout the story (also in the video) is the bystanders during the Holocaust. Christians who witnessed Jews being taken to concentration camps literally shut their ears and loudly sang hymns to drown out the noise. That just sickened me. This was the point Andrews was making – do not be those people. Be politically involved and stand up for what’s right! Andrews talks about how we can make a difference, even if it is small. However, that change has to come from us.
For the entire book in six minutes:

I hope this 6 minute video encourages you!

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