Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow Book Study

Use this Hitler Youth book study to learn about the 3.5 million children devoted to Hitler and the Nazi Party during the Second World War.

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Hitler Youth Book Study

Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow documents the stories of the 3.5 million children who served the Nazi Party during World War II. This book study educates on this historical period as well as the way Hitler won over the minds of so many, specifically these young people. Use this guide to learn about patriotism, loyalty, and resistance as you move through each chapter of the book. 

This is a book study for Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow by Susan Campbell Bartoletti. This packet includes over 70 comprehension and discussion questions designed to get students actively thinking about the book, not just passively reading.

This includes 23 pages of discussion and activities, plus an answer key.


  • 10 Comprehension Quizzes (with 7-9 questions each chapter)
  • Pre Reading Questions
  • Writing Prompts


  • Vocabulary Worksheets


  • Themes of Hitler Youth
  • Violent vs Non Violent Resistance
  • The White Rose vs Helmuth Hubener
  • Extended Resources

For more resources on teaching the Holocaust (including age-appropriate book and movie recommendations), please visit learnincolor.com/holocaust.

You can grab the book study at my store or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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  • Hello,

    I teach grade 7 in Canada and am looking for your Hitler Youth Book Study on TPT to use in my Social Studies class. It doesn’t seem to be on Teachers Pay Teachers. Is there a different way I should be trying to access the bundle, or has it been removed?