History with Sports Movies

History with Sports Movies

The Greatest Game Ever Played – 1910s

During the 1913 US Open, Francis Ouimet, a young 20 year old man finds himself playing golf against his idol, Harry Vardon. Follow Francis as he competes agains the 1900 US champion in this inspirational story.

Chariots of Fire – 1920s

The importance of differences and how to navigate them is portrayed in this touching film of two British track athletes. One being a devout Jew and the other a Christian, compete in the 1924 Olympics and find that differences don’t alway have to be dividing.

Cinderella Man – Great Depression

The 1930s brought many people hardships, and boxer James Braddock was no exception. But, he pushed and made his comeback, becoming not only a champion but an inspiration to so many. Grab the movie study here!

Seabiscuit – Great Depression

During the Depression, so much was hard to come by, even horses. When Seabiscuit, an underfed, underdog of a horse makes his way to several victories, not only is the American equestrian team surprised, but the rest of the country too.

Race – Great Depression

Jesse Owens makes it to the 1936 Olympics after years of training and hoping to be one of the best runners in the world. Although, when he makes it, will it be what he always dreamed of. As he faces off against Adolf Hitler’s vision of Aryan supremacy, what will happen?

Unbroken – WWII

Olympian Louis Zamperini and two of his fellow crewman spend 47 days in a raft after an awful plane crash. When they think things couldn’t get any worse, their rescuers end up being the Japanese navy who take the men in as prisoners of war. Grab the movie study here!

Escape to Victory – WWII

POWs are set to play a game of soccer against the German National Team in Nazi-occupied Paris, but the French Resistance and British officers have other plans for the game. This classic movie dives deep into the history behind WWII

42 – Civil Rights

Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to play in Major League Baseball in 1947 when the Brooklyn Dodgers signed him. While going pro is the dream of many, for Jackie, things weren’t always easy and exciting. The racism that this era allowed for pushed him and the people around him during his attempt to make his team and family proud.

Remember the Titans – Civil Rights

After leading his team to 15 winning seasons, football coach Bill Yoast is replaced by Herman Boone who could not be anymore different from the beloved coach. Despite internal and external differences, these men push to integrate a team and continue on their winning streak.

McFarland, USA – Modern

After losing his job as a football coach, Jim White moves his family and hopes for a fresh start. When he notices a small group of students interested in running cross-country, he takes a chance on them and ends up turning 7 runners with no hope into one of the best teams the world has ever seen.

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  • Remember the Titans if one of my favorite movies! The story, the soundtrack, and the acting make it a movie that can’t be beat!