Historical Unit Studies for Kids

If you’ve been following my blog for a long time you’ll know it’s no secret that I love history! While I typically provide resources for grades 5+, here are some historical unit studies for around grades 1-6. Most are free, and if they’re not, I have their price listed.
Historical Unit Studies




Greek Mythology Study – Worksheets, advice, books, plus a link-up for more Greek mythology resources!

American Revolutionary War Pack – Free 110 page American Revolutionary War pack, ideally for ages 2-8.

Why did the US enter the Vietnam War? – A lesson plan designed for young elementary and high schoolers to do together.

D is for D-Day – A large collection of resources for grades 1-6; including books, movies, projects and more.

Liberty’s Kids Activities – Activities to go with the 40-episode animated series Liberty’s Kids.

100 Historical Books for Kids – 100 historical books for kids, with detailed reviews

Butterflies to remember the Holocaust – A simple activity for a somber subject, based on the Butterflies to Remember project

Historical Movies for Kids – A list with G and PG historical movies for kids, with summaries.

30+ Ways to teach History without a Textbook – My favorite ways to learn without a textbook!

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