20+ Ways To Teach Hands On Multiplication and Division

Students learn more when they’re having fun. Here are some creative, fun and easy ways to teach hands on multiplication and division!

Students learn more when they're having fun. Here are some creative, fun and easy ways to teach hands on multiplication and division!

Hands-on Ways To Teach Multiplication and Division

Jelly Bean Multiplication Table – Kids Activities Blog
Taste, touch, and smell this multiplication table tray, made with jelly beans! You can also use this with beads, cereal, or any other small object.

Multiplication War – Love to Learn and Teach
Turn the card game “war” into a multiplication battle! You can use it for addition or subtraction as well, and even division if you want to adapt it for remainders.

Multiplication Squares Game – Games 4 Gains
With the game “squares,” practice multiplication! Download the free game board and grab different colored markers for each player.

Multiplication Checkers – Teach Beside Me
Try the game of checkers, multiplication style! Download the free copy of the game board to get started.

Divide and Conquer – Cuppacocoa
Practice division in this “divide and conquer” game. It’s a bit similar to Go Fish, and all you need is 2+ players and a deck of playing cards!

Number Sentence Roll and Rewrite – Math Geek Mama
Use this free printable to easily practice the basics of multiplication. Gain practice with fact families (using dice)

Hands-On Multiplication With Legos – Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls
Teach multiplication by creating a 3D graph with LEGOs.

Equal Group Beads: How to Teach Multiplication Hands-On – Not So Wimpy Teacher
Practice multiplication with pipe cleaners and beads. They make an easy, cheap and fun manipulative for visual learners.

Post-It Note Division – Middle School OCD
If you’re doing longer, more complicated division, get a blank whiteboard and use sticky notes! This is a great way to make it more hands-on than just writing the number down on paper.

Easy Multiplication Cards – True Aim Education
Practice multiplication with a deck of cards, and a math version of the game “speed.”

Skip Counting Songs for Multiplication and Division – Pragmatic Mom
Use music to help you memorize multiplication and division factors! This can help you memorize the daunting times tables.

Patterned Multiplication Circles – Lemon Lime Adventures
Patterned circles are a great way for bringing a visual representation to multiplication factors. For younger learners, use these circles to practice skip counting.

Introducing Division – Tales from Outside the Classroom
How can you introduce division? Use yarn and small manipulatives for a flexible, hands-on activity.

Print and Play Multiplication and Division Games – Primary Flourish
Here are 20 different no-prep multiplication and division games, designed for reinforcing facts without being boring.

Single-Player Multiplication Bingo – The Measured Mom
No need for a large classroom for this bingo activity, since it’s single player. Just download the free printable and get started!

Jenga Multiplication Towers – Minds in Bloom
Use Jenga blocks to create multiplication towers. There’s not much prep, and it’s pretty low-cost!

Beat the Fidget Spinner Multiplication Game – Your Modern Family
If you have competitive kids, try this multiplication game with fidget spinners!

Minecraft Multiplication Practice – Royal Baloo
Turn Minecraft into a game! Download the free board game and cards, and use it to practice multiplication the fun way.

Division Herding – The Teacher Studio
Teaching division doesn’t have to be daunting! Here’s a game making students get up and move. It’s best for multiple students, but you can easily adapt it for a homeschool setting.

Foldable Divisibility Rules – My Math Resources
Using a piece of paper, create your own interactive chart of the different divisibility rules. This is great for sticking as a reference in your binder!

How to Teach Hands-on Long Division: Monopoly Division – Kate’s Homeschool Math
Use Monopoly money to help teach long division. Learn the how and why behind long division with this hands-on video.

Magnetic Division – Kids Activities Blog
Grab a cookie tray to practice division! It’s a fun way to make learning a bit more hands-on and memorable, rather than just pen and paper.

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