Guide to Buying and Selling Online

Lately, I’ve found a new hobby; and it’s paid off big time – selling online.
How to Buy and Sell Online
Buying and selling is kind of addicting – people want YOUR old stuff – how awesome is that?! I’ve started selling this month, and have mailed about 20 packages with my old stuff. Of course, one of the main concerns about buying and selling online is security; a very legit concern. But, selling online is a lot easier than it seems, and it’s a great way to make some quick cash. Here are a few tips I have learned from making easy money buying and selling online!

Through Facebook

1. Join Facebook groups.
There are many Facebook groups both for your local area (“XXX County Garage Sale” “XXX Buy and Sell”). Established groups like these are great ways to sell your stuff online. There are also groups for specific things, like “American Girl Dolls Buy and Sell” “Thirty-One Buy and Sell” etc. (BST = Buy, Sell, Trade)
2. Take a photo of the object, brand (for clothes), and list your price.
Your photo doesn’t have to be professional – just post a photo of your item. I like to make collages of similar objects (i.e. fabric scraps of the same material, clothes of the same size) and put the price of each object in each photo. This is easy with my phone through free apps like Rhonna Designs. One of my big pet peeves is when people don’t list the price and just post a picture.
3. If you are selling to someone outside of your city, use Paypal.
Paypal is free and secure, as you can send and receive money through your email address. Paypal takes care of money, and also, it verifies people’s emails, bank accounts, and other information to add an extra layer of security for you. I typically never ship an item until I have received payment, and after they send payment, I send them a tracking number the next day.
4. If you are selling locally, meet at a public place and bring a friend with you.
Always meet at a public place with other people around. (i.e. a parking lot in the middle of the day.) If the buyer is a no-show, try contacting them. If they don’t reply at all, contact the Facebook group admin.
5. Shipping is cheaper from home through Paypal.
Shipping in a yellow mailing envelope will be under $3, and shipping via Flat Rate Envelope is $5.05 from home. The USPS Flat Rate Envelope will fulfill most of your shipping needs.
6. Buyers – don’t send Paypal money via Friends and Family or Gifting.
If you do any of these options, you are unable to get your money back if the seller doesn’t end up shipping you the product. Paypal protects buyers with their other payment options.
7. Buyers – require a tracking number next-day.
If they do it through Paypal, Paypal might send you a tracking number.
8. The majority of people will be legit.
Trust your gut, obviously. In the rare cases where the seller won’t send whatever you bought, contact the Facebook group admin. Although they might not be able to get your item, they can at least block the person and prevent them from scamming anyone else. Also, call Paypal, and let them know the situation. They will more than likely be able to get your money back.

Amazon and eBay

Selling on Amazon and eBay are also easy ways to get rid of your stuff. The same “rules” as above apply. I don’t recommend selling on Craiglist, as that site has a pretty bad reputation. And of course, old-fashioned garage sales are excellent as well.
Do you have any other questions or tips? Comment below!

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