Free Printable Homophone Flashcards and Word Wall Words

Practice homophones with these free printable homophone flashcards and word wall words! Words used include their, there and they’re; to, two, and too; and your and you’re.

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Free Printable Homophone Flashcards

Being a nerd, I love studying grammar. From the parts of speech and diagramming sentences, studying grammar is essential for everyday life. This study is for homophones!
Homophones are words that sound exactly the same, but are spelled differently!

Homophones also have different meanings, which can change the entire meaning of the sentence! “Homo” means “same” and “phon” means “sound.” Homophones can be confusing at first, but recognizing what they are can build confident readers and writers.
Use these flashcards to practice 8 common homophones! They also work well as word wall words and can be used in small groups or as sight words. In the back, there are eight smaller flashcards of each word.

  • They’re, there, their
  • To, too, two
  • Your, you’re

For longevity, print the flashcards out on card stock and laminate them. The homophone groups are color-coded for easy reference.

Other homophones you could add to your study:

  • Ad/add
  • Be/bee
  • Cell/sell
  • Dear/deer
  • Eye/I
  • Fair/fare
  • Grate/great
  • Hey/Hay
  • In/inn
  • Jean/gene
  • Knight/night
  • Lain/lane
  • Meet/meat
  • None/nun
  • One/won
  • Pail/pale
  • Quarts/quartz
  • Read/red
  • Read/reed
  • Sea/see
  • Tail/tale
  • Vain/vein
  • Waist/waste
  • Yoke/yolk

Grab them here!

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