Free Groundhog Day Unit Study

What’s the history behind Groundhog Day? Learn about this fun tradition with this Groundhog Day Unit Study with a free printable.

Free Groundhog Day Unit Study

Groundhog Day was a spinoff of an old tradition called Candlemas. Some people originally used hedgehogs to predict winter! When German immigrants came to America, they found no shortage of groundhogs. A new tradition was born.

Groundhog Day (not Groundhog’s Day!) takes place on February 2. Tradition says that if a groundhog sees his shadow, there will be another six weeks of winter. If not, spring is near!


Head to the library and check out these fun picture books about groundhogs.

Groundhog Day by Gail Gibbons

A child-friendly introduction to Groundhog Day, its customs, and how the tradition came to be. 

Groundhog Gets a Say by Pamela Curtis Swallow

Groundhog wants the world to know–he’s so much more than just the face of a February holiday! Groundhog lets us in on all there is to know about him, from his running speed to the use he gets out of his teeth to his hidden talent (whistling). 

Ten Grouchy Groundhogs by Kathryn Heling

In this humorous countdown story, 10 grouchy groundhogs are just waking up from their long winter’s nap, almost ready to show their faces to the world on Groundhog Day. Will they see their shadows or not?

Groundhog Weather School by Joan Holub

Get your backpacks on! We’re heading to school! Groundhog Weather School, that is. Packed full of interesting information about how Groundhog day came to be, how groundhogs and other animals are used to predict weather patterns, and why we even have different seasons in the first place!

Grumpy Groundhog by Maureen Wright

It’s February 2, and groundhog doesn’t want to come out of his warm and cozy burrow. But the town is gathered and waiting. Will they be able to coax him out to do his annual job?


Watch these fun videos about groundhogs.

Groundhog Whistling

Creature Feature: Groundhog

About Groundhogs

Unit Study

Learn more about Groundhog Day with this free printable pack. Make your own predictions about spring and learn more about how Groundhog Day began.

Grab the free pack here.


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