Free Financial Literacy Printables – Teaching Kids How to Manage Money

Teach kids how to manage money well with these free financial literacy printables! Money smart kids become money smart adults.

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Free Financial Literacy Printables

Teaching kids how to save money is SO important! Money smart kids grow up to be money smart adults.

As a child, I remember my parents would give me and my two sisters $20 each to spend at the mall. One of my sister’s spent all the money and frequently went into “debt” with my parents (which she worked off), the other spent none of her money (she never knew what to buy). I always spent about half and saved the other half. Hint: our financial habits in adulthood are similar! 🙂

From skills my parents taught me, I was able to graduate a year and a half early and completely debt-free. From an entrepreneurship class, I was able to start my own business at 14 years old. This inspired me to help create this financial literacy pack!

There are three pages including in this free packet. 🙂

  • Spend, Save, and Give log
  • My Savings Goal
  • Needs and Wants

Grab some cute little mason jars to create “save, spend, and give” goals. With these logs, help kids track their spending with these basic budget sheets.

Whether it’s a bike or a mission trip, help kids visualize their saving money goal.

Then, analyze needs and wants. What is a need? What is a want? Work through the sheet together and come up with the things in life you need and the things you may want. There may be some debates for some things, which offers great discussion!

Grab the freebie here!

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