Free Classroom Posters

Looking for a colorful tool to help motivate your students towards a growth mindset this year? These free printable classroom posters are the perfect place to start! Great for back to school, the middle of year slump, or that last end of the year push; these posters will provide your students with helpful and encouraging messages that will promote a culture of positivity in your primary, upper elementary, or secondary classroom.

Your Attitude Determines Your Direction

Help students remember that their “attitude determines their direction”, that the mindset they take hold of each day is what will make or break their level of success in the classroom, and in life. For example, a growth mindset reminds students of the power of “yet”. I don’t have this…YET! I don’t get this…YET! With an attitude that declares “I can” instead of “I can’t”, students will be able to embrace challenges as an opportunity to stretch and grow, rather than an excuse to give up.

Keep Moving Forward

This motivational poster will remind students to continue to push forward one step at a time when facing difficulties or challenges. This poster goes nicely alongside the old quote: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Students will see this hanging up in the classroom and use it as a helpful reminder to refocus and press onward. 

10 Things That Matter More Than Grades

Students and teachers alike can use this poster as a helpful reminder: some things in life are much more important than the grade on a test or the letter on a report card. The qualities listed on this poster are admirable displays of character that should be cultivated throughout childhood and into adulthood. Responsibility, compassion, integrity, wisdom, real life experience, time management, ambition, resilience, the ability to learn, and the love of learning are all qualities that matter more in the end than grades and will carry you far in life. 

Mistakes Are Proof That You’re Trying

Here’s a great one to remind kids that we aren’t asking for perfection, we’re asking for participation! I like to tell my students that if they never make a mistake, they aren’t learning! Inspiration for everyone. 

Grab the posters for free here!

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