The Best Educational Apps for PreK

Looking for educational app ideas for your preschooler or kindergartener? Check out these 50 app ideas.

Free apps for PreK

PBS Kids Video

PBS Kids has been around forever. Now your child can use this app to learn through video. Get access to thousands of free videos. This is one of the best educational apps for prek out there! 

PBS Parents Play and Learn

The really neat thing about this app is that the parents can do it with the child. This app is specifically designed for parents.

The Cat in the Hat Invents – PreK STEM

Everyone loves Cat in the Hat, well this app is all about the cat in the hat. Your kid will be immersed in all sorts of fun STEM activities.

Fish School

Your preschooler will spend their time learning their numbers, letters, and shapes with this fun app. 

Peek a Zoo by Duck Duck Moose

Is your preschooler highly into animals? If this is the case, then let your pre-k students enjoy animals dancing and wagging their tails. 

The Reading Train

Oh, everyone needs to get on The Reading Train, this is a really fun app for kids in regards to learning. 

Musical Me!

Let the musical side of your kids out with the Musical Me! app. These musical classes will get your preschooler rocking. 


It’s time to learn the letters of the alphabet with the help of Cambugs. Don’t miss out on utilizing these apps for letter learning. 

Very Hungry Caterpillar Shapes

Yay! The Very Hungry Caterpillar app can help your pre-k student learn their shapes. Learning about shapes is so much fun for kids. 

Busy Shapes and Colors

It’s time to break out this sorting educational experience. Your kiddo will have so much fun learning about shapes and sorting them. 

Kids ABC Games

Every child needs to learn their ABCs, so you might as well utilize this app to help teach them. 


When your child needs something else to work on besides their ABCs, break out the SHAPES! app. 

ABC Magic Phonics

You can really set a great foundation for your kids and their phonics with the help of ABC Magic Phonics. 

Kahn Academy Kids

If you haven’t tried Kahn Academy Kids, then make sure you check it out. Your kids can learn so much. 

Science Apps

How to teach science without a textbook


Osmo is a unique app that helps kids with a more tactile approach to learning. This app is great for kids ages 5-9. 

Play and Learn Science (PBS)

When your pre-k student needs to learn science, there is no better way than through the Play and Learn Science app by PBS. 

Pinkfong: My Body

This app is so neat because it can help kids learn about their bodies! Your child will learn about the bones in their body and more. 

Seek by iNaturalist

Love being outside? Seek is a great app for kids to learn about the plants and animals around them. 

Wizard School

When you want to inspire your kiddo with creativity and thinking, then Wizard School is for them! 

Tiny Cards

With the help of Tiny Cards, your little one can learn and memorize anything. How about this for being one of the best educational apps for PreK?

Kahn Academy Kids

Another great app for learning, Kahn Academy Kids never disappoints. It’s an app that is very thorough in the education department. 

Plum’s Creaturizer

It’s time to go on a nature adventure with the help of Plum’s Creaturizer. Go ahead and build those wild creatures and see what you can do with them. 

MarcoPolo Ocean

A free play puzzle app that can teach your kids so much about the ocean. Download MarcoPolo Ocean and discover the beautiful color and animation. 


Sometimes it’s fun to dive into trivia and you can with the EcoTrivia app. 

BrainPop Jr. Featured Movie

This is such a fun app for kids because they’re watching an animated movie, but the movie is tied to current events and the kids can explore the world around them. 

Math Apps

Check out this list of 30+ ways to teach math without a textbook.

Prodigy: Kids Math Game

If your kid loves math, then they are going to love Prodigy. It truly brings learning math easy for kids. 

Kahn Academy Kids

Make sure you take the time to check out Kahn Academy Kids, they have so many math skills your kiddo can learn. 

Buzz! Math Challenge

It’s time to explore math in a whole new way with the help of Buzz! Math Challenge. Kids get to be challenged with questions and activities. 

Splash Math: Fun Learning Math Game

Math should be fun and this Splash Math game is just what kids need to make that happen. 

Motion Math for Schools

Sometimes the most challenging math problems can be solved with the help of an app like Motion Math for Schools. 

Geoboard by the Math Learning Center

Learning math should be fun and Geoboard by The Math Learning Center makes learning math easier than ever. 

Counting Coins

Kids need to learn how to count coins and this app can help. Download it today and get started with counting coins. 

Sushi Monster

Math fluency is a real thing with the help of Sushi Monster. Beware, your kids may actually start loving math again. 

Dinosaur Math Tower Defense

Your pre-k student will have so much fun playing this Dinosaur Math Tower Defense game. Learning math has never been so much fun. 

Interactive Telling Time

Learning to tell time can be a difficult skill to master. With the help of Interactive Telling Time, your kiddo will embrace this skill in no time. 

Learnia: Spelling and Math Tutor

Every once in a while, you just need to pass on the spelling and math to someone else. Learnia acts as a spelling and math tutor. 

Language Arts Apps

Molly of Denali: Learning App

Learning to solve problems with the help of reading has never been easier. Molly of Denali is a super fun learning app! 

The Reading Train Alphabet Books

Your child can learn how to read with the help of The Reading Train Alphabet Books. Your child may just fall in love with reading. 

Learnia: Spelling and Math Tutor

What a fun and effective learning tool for helping your child with spelling!


Learning phonemes is possible with the help of the Cambugs app! 

Pinkfong: ABC Phonics

Learning phonics is a big part of learning to read. Make sure you download this app to help your pre-k student with phonics. 

Homer Reading: Learn to Read

Does your kiddo need a little extra help with reading? Even if they don’t, Homer Reading is a great app for learning to read. 

Homer Stories: Kids Library

A great resource for kids learning is Homer Stories. You can find books in here to help your kids with reading. 

Tiny Cards

This app is everything when it comes to teaching your kids language arts. 

Learn Sight Words

This app can help your pre-k student learn their sight words. A major part of reading is learning sight words. 


If you want to help your little one learn to read, then Rivet may be for you! 

Kahn Academy Kids

Another fun learning app that is familiar to households around the world. This will be an excellent app to add to your list. 

Social Studies Apps

Check out these 40+ ways to teach history without a textbook.

BrainPop Jr. Movie of the Week

Make sure you download this app to get help with exercising your child’s brain. 

Who Was? Adventure

Historial figures and pop icons coming right up! Download this app to get a first-hand experience with learning. 

US Geography with Flat Stanley

Using the character Flat Stanley, learn about the states and their capitals! This app can work for a wide variety of elementary-aged students too.

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