5 Family-Friendly Things To Do in Boston

This week, I was able to experience New England for the first time. A friend and I visited Boston, MA to celebrate the Fourth of July. Boston had a variety of things going on and although the weather didn’t cooperate, we left getting to explore the best of what Boston has to offer.

Being home to some of the leaders of the Revolutionary War, Boston has a plethora of opportunities for educational activities and seamless, hands-on learning. Here are 5 ideas for a family-friendly Boston experience.

5 Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Boston

1. Walk the Freedom Trail

Located in Boston Commons, the Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile path through Downtown Boston. It highlights some of the most important events and people of the American Revolutionary War. It includes a burial ground (where Benjamin Franklin’s parents, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and more lay), parks, old churches, and monuments.

The Freedom Trail website has a variety of educational resources for distance learning.

Many of the gravestones in the burial ground featured a skull with wings, which signifies a soul flying to heaven after death.

A few other notable stops/tours along the Freedom Trail:

2. Explore the USS Constitution Museum

The USS Constitution Museum was pay-what-you-can (suggested donation of $10-20) and had a variety of fun interactive exhibits. (Turns out, we were *not* meant for sea life!) The exhibits are great for both kids and adults.

3. Visit the Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is one of the largest and oldest libraries in America. It is home to millions of books, art pieces, and more.

Across from the Boston Public Library, there’s a beautiful mural by the Lenox Hotel by Kelsey Montague. (She is known for the beautiful wings mural in Nashville, so it’s fun to see another one of her famous works.)

4. Eat in Chinatown

I might be biased, but I love exploring local Chinese food. Chinatown was close to Boston Commons. Hei La Moon had an excellent variety of dim sum.

5. Visit the Boston Public Gardens

It was cold and rainy when we went, but we got to see the Boston Public Gardens a bit. This park was known as the first public park. The middle features a statue of Paul Revere.

Boston has so much to do and see! There were many other museums in Boston we didn’t visit. A few noteworthy museums are:

The Boston Children’s Museum has been around for 100 years and has a variety of play-based, interactive exhibits.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston is a must-visit for any LEGO fan.

Relive history at the Bostom Tea Party Museum, which we would’ve visited had it not been rainy!

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