Fall STEAM Activities for Kids


Fall STEAM Activities for Kids

Are you looking for some amazing activities for your children for fall that will allow them to build, discover, learn, grow, create, and have fun, all at the same time? The following STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) projects below will lead you and your children down the addictive path of curiosity and into countless hours of amazing discoveries. Your kids will love these activities tailored to fall and made with kids in mind, like dyeing fall flowers, squishing some slime between their fingers, devouring an apple pie they made themselves, and building a card tower strong enough to withstand the weight of an apple. 

  • Why do leaves change colors?
  • Make art with leaves
  • Dissolve candy corn
  • Try a nature walk
  • Memorize the bones in the body
  • Go stargazing
  • Create a pretend fall party on a $30 budget
  • Clean coins
  • Build a skeleton
  • Make an anti-gravity experiment
  • Write fall words in binary code
  • What is a germ?
  • Build a bird house
  • What was the Space Race?
  • DIY ice cream in a bag
  • Why do some animals hibernate?
  • What do animals need to do to hibernate?
  • Build a maze
  • Make art collages with objects in nature
  • Grab objects to figure out “what weighs more”
  • How do germs spread?
  • Compare and contrast different types of wood
  • Turn white flowers into different colors
  • Photograph nature from different angles
  • Graph Halloween candy after trick-or-treating
  • Make apple pie
  • Dissect a pumpkin
  • Build structures with gummies and toothpicks
  • Use perimeter and area to estimate the corn on a corn on the cob
  • Build a structure with random sticks
  • Create slime
  • Use bricks to build a bat cave
  • Learn about bats
  • Build a pulley
  • Compare sugar in various fall candies
  • Dissect an apple
  • Build a card tower strong enough to hold an apple
  • Why do apples turn brown?
  • How do farmers prepare for winter?
  • Build a scarecrow
  • Create a water filter

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