Fairy Tale Story Cubes – Free Printable

Are your children fascinated by fairy tales? What if they could create their own fairy tales and have fun doing it? Look no further than this FREE creative writing activity! With this free printable, students will be able to roll for character, action, and setting (location.) Next they will use the included graphic organizer to plan out the beginning, middle, and end of their very own original fairy tale.

This free storytelling activity is easily adaptable and differentiated to a variety of grades, ages, and writing abilities. The cubes can be used over and over again without getting monotonous. Kids will be surprised at how easy and engaging creative writing can be with this fairy tale story cubes! This free downloadable activity contains five pages in total. 

When you download and print out these activity sheets, students will be able to cut and assemble the three different fairy tale cubes, each containing a character, an action, and a location for the story. There is also a graphic organizer included with this set to help students map out their story before beginning. To make your own crazy and creative fairy tale, just roll each cube one time and write the results of the rolls at the top of the graphic organizer.

Next, plot out the story on the beginning, middle, and end lines and then get writing! The story must contain the three elements that were rolled and are now written at the top of the page. It must also make sense and follow a logical sequence. Other than that, the silly results are all up to the writer! When you’re finished, feel free to print another copy of the graphic organizer and write another masterpiece! 

Fairy Tale Story Cubes

This creative writing activity can be used and reused for a long time because of the amount of variation possible. After students write their fairy tales, you can celebrate their writing by showcasing student work or having small groups of students present their work to their peers. Allowing students to share their personal works of writing increases their confidence and ability to present in front of a group. 

This format can be a fun, silly, and simple way to teach story elements like character, setting, and plot. It is also a great way to practice beginning, middle, and end. After completing this activity, students will have a better understanding of how all stories follow this same basic pattern of beginning, middle, and end. To further extend the activities, you could also teach students to identify parts of speech like nouns (characters) and verbs (actions.) There is no limit to the creativity you can have with this freebie, so download and watch your students get excited to write again.

Grab the free printable here!

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